Pastor Chris, during the third session of the Seven Days Global Prayer and Fasting prophesied the fall of the “American Hegemony.” The President of Loveworld Incorporated declared this after leading his congregation in the regular one hour prayer for the nations of the world – an act which has dominated the programme since its commencement. After reading the pass up after the cleric read out from the Bible, Habakkuk 2:1 – end, and a bit of the third chapter.

In his words, Pastor chris said: “And I saw faces of these… from all over South America, Central America, and nations of Asia; American Hegemony is broken… it is broken. For they have led by deceit and their leadership is over. And now shall the Word of God go into these regions and nations; the qlong of God beyond what they ever imagined. The spiritual darkness that has been hanging over these nations, is taken away. And by the Holy Ghost, this wind of the Spirit that cannot be stopped, shall the knowledge of the glory of God cover those lands like never before. And there shall be such brightness loke they never thought possible.

“For in these lands have been wealth untold; but liars and deceivers have kept them in darkness and bondage, and poverty. But through the Gospel, shall they now also become heirs, heirs, the seed of Abraham.” He then prayed, thanking God that there will be “…a turning as appointed, before these days.”

The man of God then continued the prophesy saying: ” what has happened with many right now… in the Spirit, they are like Samson; when his hair had been cut, and the Bible says ‘ and Samson wist not that the Sprit of God had departed from him’ and when the adversaries carry he said ‘I will shake myself up as at other times. ‘ And America will shake itself as at other times; but like Samson, the Spirit of God was gone from him, and he didn’t know it. A change has taken place in the spirit; that moment has come. for the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the seas.”

It is important to note that the Pastor has been speaking of this full of the USA. The first time was in the year 2020 during one of the episodes of the church’s flagship programone titled: ‘Your Loveworld Special’ which commenced in the wake of the COVID era. While teaching the congregation about the happenings of the end time and the events that will lead up to them, Pastor Chris had declared that there will be a shift of power from the USA to Europe. He has repeated this at different times during different seasons, phases and episodes of the same programme which holds monthly and is aired on all the Ministry’s Networks, social media platforms, web televisions, radio stations and the other popular social media platforms.

Ever since that first declaration, a close observation at the American economy has proven that these words are already taking effect. The Dollar is already undergoing a shaking and the American Government knows this. Hence, the Biden Administration has been struggling to keep the system afloat. However, the declaration of the Pastor yesterday appeared to be a final seal on the matter, and it means the world might as well begin a count up to the final explosion of this prophecy.

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