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Andrew Cuomo Biography – Fact, The Controversial Figure, and More…

Andrew Cuomo Biography

The biography details of Andrew Cuomo are fascinating. There are numerous facts and details about the man who was a prominent New York State Senator and Governor. This article will give you an idea of some interesting facts about the man called Andrew Cuomo. These facts include his life, his achievements and his path-breaking views.

andrew cuomo biography

The first part of the Andrew Cuomo biography consists of his early life. He was born in New York City and was the son of immigrants from Cuba. His mother was of Spanish descent and he was called “Cuba” by his father.

The birth record of Andrew Cuomo was done through social worker named Isabel Hilton. Her job was to register families that had children born out of marriages. She became the agent of the Social Service under the guidance of Dr. Milton Rosalie Johnson. Her social work career took her to Latin American countries and made her acquainted with the people and culture of those countries. One of her trips to Mexico was documented in the book “Guerra del Sol” (pseudonym meaning Green Leaves).

Dr. Johnson kept an impressive portfolio of the families with defects in their medical history including the family name. His interest was to use this information for identification and genealogical research. After retirement, Andrew Cuomo decided to travel and settle in New York. He opened a law office and later became the first governor of New York.

Andrew Cuomo Father and Mother

The outgoing governor of the great state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, was born to a legal immigrant father from Cuba and a Spanish speaking mother in New York. Andrew was five years old at the time of his parents death and his family took him to live with his grandmother. Here he was identified as a boy with a birth defect. His family name was Cuomo after his great grandmother.

Andrew Cuomo Father and Andrew Cuomo Mother

Andrew Cuomo Net worth

His biographer’s estimated net worth puts this figure at somewhere between two and six million dollars. This includes the current value of the home where he settled later on and other properties. His estimated net worth includes some of his personal items as well as the financial contributions of the United States to the formation and maintenance of hospitals in New York.

Andrew Cuomo Family, Governorship and New York

Andrew Cuomo Biography of Newyork and Daughters with Scandal

The most interesting aspect of the book is the part about how Andrew Cuomo was the chosen one to succeed his father. Andrew had no chance at all to succeed since his father was the most popular man in the state during his father’s time and his popularity had considerably decreased after his father’s death. That was one of the reasons why the younger Cuomo took the job of governor immediately after his father’s death. Andrew Cuomo Biography reveals much about the character and characteristics of the late Gov. Cuomo.

The author provides excellent details about his early years in politics and his tenure as the state’s 56th governor of New York (later New Jersey). One can only imagine how colorful and flawed he could be in later life. What you learn about this remarkable man is therefore fascinating and you can read the entire book just from the table of his achievements and later achievements as the state’s 56th governor of New York.