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AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Left Pilots Ill or Dead

AstraZeneca and Pfizer Covid-19 flu side effect in the bodye flu

AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine – A recent statistical report has shown an increase in cancellation of flight globally by 580% in two days. The prevalent excuse has been the illness or death of scheduled pilots. An interesting commonality is that the pilots are all vaccinated, and they all are suffering or suffered from deep vein thrombosis.

Although a 2014 study published in the Journal of Thromobosis and Haemostasis revealed that pilots are prone to having clotting issues due to their frequent and prolonged air travels and are encouraged to watch out for symptoms of the disease then take preventive measures such as stretching their legs during long flights and wearing compression stockings; a Medical News Today publication on June 15, 2021 has revealed increased risk of blood clotting and low platelets in AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine recipients.

A hypothesis by some scientists postulated that since the ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) in the jab generates a total body reaction: the vaccine comes in contact with the platelets, activates them, bringing about a change in their shape which also triggers the transmission of chemical signals to the immune system which are called platelet factor 4 (PF4). They are responsible for regulating blood clotting. However, some people have a different experience: the PF4 rather attaches unto the vaccine to form large complexes. The body, not recognising these new complexes, treats them as threats and attacks them; the complexes then would not be able to perform their duty.

It is a proven fact that pilots are not the only ones that stand the risk of blood clots, vaccine recipients have joined the list; hence the advice from medical experts that the vaccine should only be mandated for those infected with the virus to narrow down the blood clot risk is one that should be given attention to. It is sad to note that some airlines have rather mandated vaccination for their employees.

Delta Airlines has mandated COVID-19 vaccine for all new employees; American Airlines tweaked the condition a little: vaccinated employees get one day off work and $50. Both organizations are not interested in the inherent risks; putting their employees at risk of blood clots and death as these people naturally stand the risk of blood clots without the vaccine.

Statistics from has revealed an average of 120,000 cancellations per year for global flights; bringing average cancellations per day to 329 while a 2 day average would be 658 cancellations. However, between Friday 25th and Saturday 26th June 2021, 3,533 cancellations were recorded. The American Airlines already announced it would be cancelling hundreds of flights through mid-July; affirming that the cancellation rate will keep increasing.

The British Airways boasts that 85% of its employees are vaccinated; which would present the organisation as one devoid of infection or with the least risk of exposure. Sadly, the reverse is the case: at least four pilots have died this week. Although the airline is claiming that the deaths are totally unrelated, yet a cause has not been disclosed. The same airline has cancelled hundreds of flight presenting other reasons; yet furloughed thousands of employees with 85% pay this week.