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Covid-19 Antibody Discovered After Successful Test

covid-19 antibody test

Researchers test have found COVID-19 antibody that can ‘remember’ and neutralize the disease when it resurfaces, in the blood samples of COVID survivors. These high level immune cells are found to be generated when these people had the common cold; and studies showed them to have a memory that identifies pathogens and mark them for destruction.

COVID and the common cold belong in a family of viruses named coronaviruses; a group that is responsible for all upper-respiratory tract illnesses. Although it seemed logical that virus in the same family should have almost the same treatment, the reverse was the case with coronavirus and COVID. It was believed that antibodies that reacted to coronaviruses had no effect on the one that is responsible for COVID-19 during the test period.

That perception is about to be altered as the research team from Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California has released their new discovery of the antibody that is produced by an immune cell known as memory B cell. These cells were found to lock onto the surface of invading pathogens, thereby marking them for destruction by other immune cells. They also discovered that these cells are long-lived; they can circulate in the bloodstream for years, decades even, and the immune system can trust them to swing into action in the case of another infection.

Covid-19 Antibody Test Study

According to the team’s publication in the journal Nature Communications, blood samples were taken from participants pre-pandemic and during the pandemic. One of the researchers, senior author Dr. Raiees Andrabi said: “By examining blood samples collected before the pandemic and comparing those with samples from people who had been sick with COVID-19, we were able to pinpoint antibody types that cross reacted with benign coronaviruses as well as SARS-CoV-2.” The examination revealed that levels of memory B cell antibodies were higher in blood samples of COVID survivors than those who were never infected. According to the researchers, this postulates that exposure to the disease can generate the production of more antibodies when the person is infected with a seemingly more potent coronavirus. The study also showed that SARS-CoV-1 was neutralized by the antibody.

Thereafter, the researchers examined the process through which the antibody neutralizes various types of coronaviruses and discovered that the antibody locks itself to the base of the spike protein (S protein) on the coronaviruses, which is their medium for entry and infection.

The Scientist Report

Reporting the outcome, Dr. Andrabi said: “We were able to determine that this type of cross-reactive antibody is likely produced by a memory B cell that’s initially exposed to a coronavirus that causes the common cold, and is then recalled during a COVID-19 infection.”

This discovery confirms the low mortality rate of COVID 19, as a well as strong reason for which there ought not to be the need for the wearing of masks, social distancing, lockdowns, hasty manufacturing of vaccines nor their approval for emergency use; neither should there be a need for mandatory vaccinations. It is about time the world chose herd immunity so everyone would develop the antibody to combat every strain of the coronavirus.