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Covid-19 Vaccines In The United States: The Platform For Globalist Agenda (Video)

vaccines in the united states

The Coronavirus Vaccines In The United States is globally used as a yard stick for success under the Biden administration and it has been a disaster from working towards mandating it and using it to stay in power.

It’s no news that this whole shindig: the “outbreak of a deadly virus,” the highly exaggerated number of deaths bombarded on the public by mainstream media, the institution of so called counter measures – the lockdowns, social distancing and wearing of masks, the fraudulent testing for a “novel virus” which is still being studied and has never been isolated and, finally, the miracle vaccine that just happened to be ready and available for use in record time, is a carefully orchestrated plan by a group of sycophants to play God and reset the world.

There has been a long trail of deception and falsity from so called Public Health experts about the vaccines in the united states, peddled by the media and in turn generating panic responses from Political leaders who are making decisions that have led to loss of lives and livelihoods in such staggering proportions that the economy of some countries may never recover from the massive damage caused by the Lockdowns.

 It is quite lamentable that the Leaders in their various capacities didn’t ask the right questions. It is even more appalling and quite frankly pathetic that it took such a long time for the majority of the world renown, highly educated medical experts to see the truth and speak up about the power grab, forceful mandates and the coronavirus vaccines pushed on people in the united states and all over the world. Worst of all is how the media shamelessly participated in no small way in magnifying this fiasco to the point of censoring any opposing voice in the guise of misinformation.

Although it has been proven that people infected with COVID-19 have a 99% recovery rate using remedies that have been effective for the last 50 years, it is still erroneously referred to as a deadly disease; and with all the technological advancement that is being celebrated, there is none yet that helps with isolation of the virus. This begs the question: what then is the test for? If the advancement in technology failed in the case of the isolation of the virus, what really is this virus, does it really exist? A more puzzling question is: if it has not been isolated for study, how come there is a vaccine? The most horrifying is the fact that this untested vaccine is being administered to people and in some cases, against their will.

Countless deaths have been recorded as a result of the vaccines and there are numerous reports of people who prior to taking the vaccine were healthy, that are now having blood clots, paralysis, heart problems, severe neurological problems and many more life altering and in some cases terminal medical conditions.

Obviously, this has nothing to do with saving the world from a pandemic but a calculated attempt to recreate man and demote him to a device that can be controlled. This is modern day slavery.

It is interesting to note that this is not the first time people with money or political power have tried to own the world; they all thought they were invincible and would live forever but they are nowhere to be found today as the new crop continue to promote vaccines in the united states and other part of the world.

History will always repeat itself and since the tyrants that came in the past failed, these will crumble in spectacular manner. They imagined a vain thing. It is a debacle.