The President and Founder of Loveworld Inc. aka Christ Embassy, Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome said the kind of leadership any nation has, is a reflection of the character of the people; a reflection of the soul of that nation. The Pastor made this known during the second session of the church’s Global Prayer and Fasting Week.

Pastor Chris, while addressing the viewers participating from all nations, read a scripture from the Bible; I Timothy 2:1, then said: ” God gives to every nation, the leadership it deserves. The only way that men can get a leadership better than what they deserve, is when the saints pray for the people.

“A lot of times, this is why they get leaders that deceive and rob them. But when we pray, standing in our office as the priests of God, out of His mercy, He gives them the leadership that is good to them and there can be a change.”

Expatiating on the role of the Christians in national development, the cleric taught his congregation from the Bible, that God has called Christians to be Priests; and as Priests, they have three major responsibilities which he said are:

“A priest offers gifts to God. And if they are material gifts, he (the priest) converts them from material substance to spiritual substance. He is empowered to do that. It’s the calling of the priest to make that happen. He is empowered to convert material things to spiritual substance, usable by God

“The priest is called to Intercede for men. He stands between God and men. It’s his office to do so; and when he does it, God is also obligated to hear the priest’s voice and respond accordingly. Because God set it up. It was His plan to respond. He wanted to do something for men but because of man’s sins, He had to have an intermediary. So, He brings in the office of the priest, to intercede for men.

“The priest is called to teach the Word of God, the principles of the kingdom of God, the way of life of the kingdom. The priest is called to teach the people how to live for God and toward God. These are the 3 assignments given to the priest,” he said.

He added, “When God said “I will make you a kingdom of priests”, what He was saying was ‘You will be the one to pray for the nations, and because of you, I will bless the nations.” Thus making it clear to all that having great and excellent leaders in any nation, is based on the prayers of the church.

Referring to the Bible passage that he read earlier, Pastor Chris said: “It’s a verse that has so much to do with our office as priests of God. These are various kinds of prayers to be made for all men. God looks to us to stir the nations in the right direction. That’s why the Holy Ghost let’s us know the times and the seasons. To know what the world should be, so we can guide our world in the spirit and intercede for men. We are in office as the priests of God. We understand what’s happening in our world.”

In rounding up his admonition, and before leading the congregation into a one hour long prayer for the nations of the world, the Televangelist declared that citizens of every nation do not have to only pray when the elections are drawing near, but they can pray at anytime to cause whatever change they desire in their nations because, “when God wants to make a change, he doesn’t have to wait till the democratic template. He is bigger than that Oh that God will do a new thing in the nations.” With that, he led the congregation in the one hour long Prayer for the nations of the world.

The third session of the Global Prayer and Fasting prayer meeting  will commence by 6pm (GMT+1), today.

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