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Health Care Bill Pay Pass Caused Protest in France

health care bill pay pass

On Monday July 26, 2021, French lawmakers approved a contentious law  called the “health care bill pay pass” that grants vaccinated people access to public areas such as cafes, restaurants and others like them. This decision marked the beginning of a nationwide protest, as the unvaccinated folks have to go through tougher processes to access the same place. The law stated that access will be granted to the unvaccinated, only on presentation of a recent negative coronavirus test, or a proof of immunity through infection. Anyone who does not meet these requirements is denied access. President Emmanuel Macron said the aim of the “health Pass” as the government called it, is to boost the vaccination rates which had dropped until recently.

The rise in vaccination rate began two weeks ago when the President Emmanuel Macron announced the changes, even before the new health care bill pay was passed last weekend. Vaccine-booking platforms recorded an increase in appointment bookings shortly after the announcement and the nation had high records in daily vaccinations since then. According to Macron, 40 million residents – which accounts for about 60 percent of the population – have received at least one vaccine dose and 4 million doses have been administered over the past two weeks. He reported this in his post on Twitter.

The health care bill pay pass has become effective in museums, cinemas and quite a number of other venues last week. The bill also include mandatory vaccination health workers; they stand the chance of being suspended if they are not jabbed by September 15, 2021.

This law is being contended throughout the nation; counterparts across the political field said the law is against France’s traditional understanding of liberty and equality. An estimated 160,000 people rallied against the new development in France on Saturday. Marine Le Pen, the conservative leader, last week Saturday, called the health care bill pay plan “an attack on freedoms and equality between citizens.” This same concern is expressed world over as it is against the provision of the International Bill of Rights; the citizens have the right to choose and anything contrary is an infringement that should not be condoned.