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How Do You Get Verification On Twitter In 2021 And Earn The Blue Mark

twitter verification account

How do you get twitter verification – Social Media is all about user generated content, if anyone wants to announce their presence in any social media platform, they just need to open an account following a simple process and share content that will bring a lot of user engagement. 

If your account is verified on twitter, your contents will be taken a little bit seriously by thousands of users. Having the blue check marked next to your username will give you more credibility than desired on twitter platform. While the non verified accounts on twitter are less credible and need further verification to bring into effect thousands trusting their contents. But imagine, when you see an update from a verified business page or personal profile, do you intend to verify it further? No, as you know that  the identity of the page has been verified by the respective social media authority and content from such a page is supposed to be valid. That is why most of the social sites have a verification feature, a verified page exposes the recognition that the account is real, credible, authentic and of interest to the public. 

Twitter was the first social platform to introduce the blue badge to mark a verified page. Keep reading to know how to twitter verified. 

Verified on Twitter means the owner of the page does not impersonate, manipulate or spam anyone and also does not violate any copyright or trademark laws. 

A verified account builds credibility as it assures other users that the page is not run by bots or an impersonator. It also shows that the account provides authentic value and doesn’t mislead the followers. 

A verified account can lead to an increase in followers as the blue badge proves that the account is of interest to the public. You yourself cannot add the blue checkmark badge to your profile even if you have a large number of followers, rather the Twitter authority does this when you apply following a process. Your large follower base does not guarantee that your profile will be verified by twitter or seeking external help outside the platform on how to get verified quickly will not help your account get the badge either. it depends on the extent it is deemed credible by Twitter authority. 

In May this year, Twitter relaunched its verification program after pausing its initial verification program in 2017. In this program, the criteria specify that accounts belonging to six categories as Company, Entertainment, News Agency or Journalists, Sport, Political Figures, Influencers are eligible for verification for a verified twitter account blue checked mark next to their twitter handle.

To get verified on Twitter, you need to have a complete account as per the updated verification policy that reads a complete account requires to have a verified email address or phone number, a profile image, and a display name. Here you go with a step by step process to get your account verified on Twitter which is available to all Twitter users, both mobile application and web browser can be used for that.

How to get verified with twitter blue mark in 2021

Step One – Create A Complete Profile

If you have already signed up, let your profile showcase you and what you are into. Make sure that you have a unique @handle to help others find and mention you on Twitter

Upload a profile photo by which other twitter users can easily identify who you are, do not forget to upload a cover photo when editing your profile. Real name should be used as the display name and a short bio is needed to be placed to let the world know what you are interested in. If you have a personal website, showing it in your account will add value when it comes to verifying the profile. Also add where you are currently living and your date of birth. 

This is how to upload images and get verified on twitter now

Step Two – Verify Your Phone Number and Email on Twitter

It is simple as shown In the image above! Go to the Settings and Privacy option of your profile, click on Your Account followed by Account Information. There you can find an option to add or update your phone number. You will receive a verification code to your phone, enter where required and get your phone number verified. Now go one step back and click on the email option to change or update your email. 

Step Three – Go through the Verification form on Twitter

verification form

If you feel that you fit the criteria to put a blue badge right beside your twitter profile, go one step back again and start filling out Twitter’s verification request form. It Is  easy!

On the account information page, you will find a tab called “Verified” and right below a “Request Verification” option, click on that. A pop up will appear explaining what verification means, click on “Start Request” to begin the application. 

At first, you will be asked to choose a category your account belongs to, select the appropriate one from six categories and click “Next”.  Based on the category you have chosen, you will be asked for more details, and proof that you really fit in that category. The proof can include news articles published about or by you or your official website. 

Once you are done with proof that you are in the right category, you will be asked to provide them a picture of government issued ID, your official email or website. Then, you will get a chance to review the information you have put in the request form. If everything seems fine, click on “Submit”. 

What’s Next And How Do You Get The Twitter Verification ?

Now, it’s time to wait for Twitter’s response, it may take up to a week to receive a response from them on your request. There are three probable responses you may receive, they can welcome you with your verifying your account, rejecting your request, or asking you for further information. If your application got rejected, no worries, you can try again after 1 month. 

Some essential measures will increase your chances to get verified such as making sure that your account is active with sporadic tweets, making sure that the profile is optimized with a perfect bio, website, high quality images for profile and heading picture. You should be engaged in conversations and make sure that all your tweets are open to the public. Tracking your engagement with Twitter analysis may also help to ease your verification process. 

Having submitted the application with the right information doesn’t guarantee your account to be verified. As the applications are checked by humans, twitter verification becomes a subjective matter.  An authentic, notable, active account has a higher chance to get verified and a verified account can not only provide a bit of an ego boost and celebrity moment to see the blue badge but also bring a significant business advantage. This is how you how do you get twitter verification.