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How to Login Into Spice Money With Your ID And Online Registration

Spice Money Login ID

Spice Money Login – Spice Money is Spice Digital’s money transaction service. This money transaction business offers a range of products and services to retail counters and merchants.

This profitable money transfer business is offered in seven distinct languages. In this post we will highlight spice money login along with services this payment service provides.

Spice Money’s extensive range of services includes utility payment, trip booking, Aadhaar-based mini-ATMs, money transfer/remittance, as well as purchasing insurance and selling gold.

SM also facilitates micropayments for remittances and services, in which the sender gives cash to the merchant and the receiver receives the same amount electronically deposited to their bank account.

Spice Money was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing business solutions for travel and tourism. The company’s first objective was to develop a B2B travel and tourism solution, but it gradually morphed into B2B Spice Money transfer.

There services include the following:

Aadhaar-Enabled Payment System

Aadhaar enable payment system

Spice Money has announced that it can now process payments through the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System. Spice Money informed the majority of its merchants before introducing this service that it had previously received permission from the National Payments Corporation of India in October.

What is this Aadhaar-enabled payment system all about? It is a simple and fast method that enables a person to do financial transactions at a micro-ATM. To use this function, the individual must first present his Aadhaar Card and perform biometric authentication.

However, it is worth noting that the micro-ATMs must be supplied by his banking correspondent. In basic terms, this system operates independently of the banks that sponsor it and not with others.

To address this issue and to allow the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System across the majority of the nation, the firm has begun installing Aadhaar Enabled micro ATMs at many Spice Money retail counters. Spice Money is not the only business that has received permission from NPCI to conduct AEPS; the payments company Oxigen has also received authorization.

Spice Money has already begun installing its mini-ATMs in around 1000 rural sites throughout many rural states, including Jharkhand, Bihar, and Orissa. Apart from AEPS payment systems, Spice Money Transfer supports a variety of other payment methods, including UPI, QR Scan, and MPOS.

Tourism and Travel Payments

Tourism and Travel Payments

Spice Money’s other profitable aspect is its travel and tourism solutions. In plain English, it enables you to bypass lengthy lines at train stations, bus terminals, airports, and hotels by allowing you to purchase tickets directly with their agents.

Spice Money offers a mechanism for all of its agents to purchase railway tickets, which enables them to become an IRCTC-authorized train ticketing agency. Additionally, this feature enables them to earn a sizable commission on each ticket sold and offers them monthly incentive programs.

Notably, Spice Money is the only business that charges a fee on railway tickets. Spice Money not only sells train tickets, but also hotels, bus tickets, and airline tickets.

Additionally, Spice money offers an easy-to-use interface for its agents to book client tickets through a single wallet system. Additionally, this wallet may be refilled by Direct Debit, Credit Card, Cash, Debit Card, Cheque, or Net Banking.

Bill Payment and Recharge Services

Bill Payment and Recharge Services

Spice Money, like all other UPI and wallet services, provides daily tasks like bill payment, DTH recharge, and phone recharge. These services are easily offered to all clients via their network of agents. This feature enables you to pay your bills conveniently in one location.

Spice Money also has a lightning-fast interface that enables bill payments and recharges to be completed in a matter of seconds. Each year, bill payments and recharges produce about 6000 billion rupees in India’s top 20 cities.

The Reserve Bank of India has established a mandatory system dubbed Bharat Bill Payment System for this purpose. Through integrated and interoperable bill payment services available across the globe, this system provides consumers with dependability, predictability, and the security of transactions.

Spice Mudra, or the Spice Money Wallet, was previously approved by the Reserve Bank of India for the introduction of a wallet service. In September 2015, the business introduced a wallet service called Spice Mudra using its wallet license. Additionally, the Spice Mudra Wallet is referred to as the Spice Money Wallet.

The primary objective of this Spice Money Wallet is to concentrate on domestic remittances and transfers. Spice Money’s over 3000 retail locations will facilitate payments and other transactions via the use of these wallets. The firm has already begun to roll out this wallet service across its other services, including recharges, bill payments, and ticket ticketing.

Spice Money achieved a gross transaction value of more than 1 billion US dollars in mid-2018.

Spice Money login page includes the following features:

Yes, this may be the question on everyone’s mind at the moment. How to sign up for or enter into this profitable site that offers a plethora of services. You can sign into spice money login id with spice money login account for customer or spice money merchant login.

 It is very simple.

b2b spice money with ID and username to login

To begin, you must click the ‘Join Now‘ option that appears on the page.

After clicking it, you will be sent to a registration page. Here, you will need to complete three distinct stages.

To begin, you must provide your necessary information, including your name, email address, phone number, mailing address, and pin code.

The second step requires you to submit your PAN card, along with its number, as evidence of identification. Additionally, you must submit a photo ID as evidence of address.

You must submit your picture in the third step. Later on, you will need to specify the services for which you are registering as an agent with Spice Money. You may choose from a variety of services, including IRCTC booking, distributor, retailer, and Spice Money ATM or account service.

Once you have surrendered this form, it will be thoroughly reviewed. If your application is approved without errors, you will be given a Spice Money Agent ID and password. As a result, each time you use the Spice Money Portal, you must enter your login credentials, which include your agent ID and password.


Spice Money, like all other payment systems in our nation, provides enticing options and features. While it does not provide discounts or cash back, it does have a user-friendly layout. It is a benefit for residents with little understanding of cellphones, since Spice Money employs agents who will do this function more comfortably for them.

The business provides job opportunities to a large number of individuals and also resolves many consumer issues within minutes. It is unsurprising that this service is quickly expanding in rural regions across the nation.