Far back in 2001, the former President of the United States of America, George W. Bush, banned the use of government resources to carry out embryonic stem research. This was considered to be on the same page as ‘cloning’. Many countries also banned human cloning like the US did; but Congress never reached a consensus. The next year 2002, there were claims from a religious sect in the United States, to have cloned a girl named Eve, alongside 12 other people. No evidence was provided but reports were made that some military underground centres, have been involved in human cloning. Even though there is no evidence provided, it is very realistic as there is no telling the extent those in authorities can go, to achieve any aim.

The Covid-19 era was an eye-opener, and it is time to kick against every scheme they try to disguise under as a cover for their main agenda. The government doesn’t really care about the citizens and it is only foolishness to trust the same people behind the covid-19 agenda. The ban was later lifted by President Barack Obama, on embryonic stem research. He said that he was going to make sure the government never seized it as an opportunity to use cloning to create a new breed of humans. That sounded like the he was going to be in the oval office forever and has such strong hold on the system to make sure the research was only going to be what it is – a research. The events that followed proved what was his main interest.

If this was really what he sought after, then why was the ban lifted in the first place? The times are indeed unraveling a lot, and we have the responsibility to refuse to accept just anything. Since the United States ban was lifted, it has been reported that two different teams of scientists have successfully cloned human cells. The Food and Drug Administration Officials have the authority to stop human cloning if they happen, without any permission from the government. They are embodied with rights to investigate allegations against those involved. This should be enforced since researchers don’t have the permission to experiment on people with a new drug or equipment, without getting approval from FDA. However, this is yet to be given the right attention. The focus of the FDA has rather been on what of little or no benefit to the human race. The good thing however, is that the people are now conscious, the knowledge is spreading and there are no hideouts anymore. Whatever seems to be under wraps is just being kept for an appropriate time of launch. Should these people go berserk, they will be brought to book.

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