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Imo State Police Operatives Repelled Attacks On Two Police Station

Imo State Police Operatives

The Imo state Police Operatives repelled attacks on two of its stations by gangsters. The report
was by Bala Elkana, the Police Public Relations Officer. He said the standoff happened at the
Umundugba and Omuma Divisions of the command, Umundugba area being the primary site.

Detailing the event at the Divisions and how the Police Operatives repelled it, Mr Bala said: “On
31st May 2021 at about 1530 hours, some hoodlums in their number launched an attack on
Police Division Umundugba in Isu Local Government Area, but was repelled by the policemen
on duty. They stormed the station in three Sienna buses, one Avalon saloon car, and about
eight motorcycles. The hoodlums were engaged in a gun battle.”

He alleged that the mobsters threw fuel bombs at the station, those fell at the exhibit room,
but they put out the fire with the help of the residents around the area. He pointed out that
there was mortality in the duel at both divisions. The hoodlums were overpowered and forced
to withdraw as more injured persons were among them than the Police counterpart.

“The two police stations were not burnt. There is, however, no security breach or infraction
recorded throughout the day in the entire state. This could be attributed to the massive
deployment of security personnel across the state by the police and other supporting security
agencies, who provided watertight security to the peace-loving people of Imo State,” he said.

The policemen’s action in repelling these attacks was commended by the state’s Commissioner
of Police, Abutu Yaro.

According to Elkana, the commissioner celebrated the efforts of the Policemen at maintaining the safety of the state. The PPRO of the Imo state Police Operatives encouraged the locals of both divisions to go about their livelihood with confidence as the Police Command has set up patrols and surveillance activities which have commenced already.