They say it all started at the Stonewall Inn, an underway gay bar located at 51 and 53 Christopher Street in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, New York City. They claimed it was a liberal spot where gay men go to have bottles of ale and explore the forbidden practice of homosexuality within the infamous stonewalls shrouding them. They also said the inn was often inspected by the American police, and how one night, when the men with painted faces and in linen garments danced on vertical poles, and the women cut their sleeves and flexed their muscles in boast, the stonewall was raided.

This raid, they said, was what incited the bar occupants into retaliation and what has now become a revolution in the 21st century. They had reportedly overpowered the authorities and violently forced them out of the ale-reeking bar, chanting their lawless victory. It was this very incident, they claimed, that moved their proud chants into all the streets of America, Europe, and Asia since its inception to date, as more and more activists have joined the protests. The more they protested year after year, the more the political, cultural and moral views depreciated and what was once forbidden became tolerated.

Hungary bans gay propaganda

Over time, as only a little resistance came through, homosexuality became accepted. In the past few years, it has also become celebrated. Little did we know that it would swell to become a pressing necessity, even for our children in present times. Are all these coincidental? Could these events be as they claim them to be? And even if they are true and innocent, and all these are only a result of a strategic and consistent liberal movement, why then has it evolved in the way it has?

Popping up in diverse colours and shades; from homosexuality as its root form, to bisexuality, transsexuality and transgenderism; even up to the point of swapping a man’s DNA codes with artificial intelligence data! Is this all simply ingenious or is someone following a carefully planned script with a hidden agenda?

Russia bans Gay propaganda

If the motive behind these things can be questioned, then the beginning of this story may as well be subjected to interrogation. If all these events are scripted, then this script must also have an author, and the cast is completely unaware of his intentions. Could there be more to this than we see? If so, where do we look? Could answers be lurking in places we have never cared to look other than the lie-saturated internet?

Have we considered why the media and the internet fill us with false information? Is someone in control? If so, who could that be? How does he have so much power? And how is he able to deceive consistently; so much that a movement such as the pride parade since the Stonewall riot in 1969 has outlived him? Is there a possibility that he too was just another pawn in the scheme of things, answering to a greater and higher power that operates from a different realm than ours?

Say No

Could we possibly be dealing with spirits and not mortal men, then? Does this mean that there are spiritual endorsements every time the protestants line the streets to celebrate? If so, when and where did it all begin? Who are they? Do they have identities or will they continue to be as obscure as we have allowed them to be? Is it possible to unmask them and reveal the spirits behind the LGBTQ movement?

The LGBTQ history records that male homosexuality dates back to ancient Greece; the country that is regarded as the earliest in recorded civilization. But could that as well be propaganda that further pushes, and supports a hidden agenda whilst blocking the truth from the mainstream? Isn’t that a good way to blot the valid existence of Sodom and Gomorrah from prying noses, and keen eyes?

No Gay

What happened in Sodom and Gomorrah should not simply be overlooked; for it holds a solid historical foundation of homosexuality as the events that prelude the complete devastation of the city’s records of homosexual activities; way before Greece ever became a country.

Did you know that the Word of God in the book of Genesis names the city and describes the destruction in detail in the 24th verse of the 23rd chapter? “Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah – from the Lord out of the heavens.” How does this connect the validity of the devastation, homosexuality and truth? Research has shown that beneath the shallow waters south of Al-Lisan, a former peninsula in the central part of the Dead Sea in Israel, lies Sodom and Gomorrah in waste, revealing a tremendous consistency with the Word of God.

Archaeologists have found these ruins and many say this event in the bible matches the discovery. Is that fallacy or truth right there? So then, since it is clear Sodom and Gomorrah of the bible day is existent today, is it possible also

that the reason for its destruction is true? Could Sodom and Gomorrah truly hold the history of homosexuality? And if this is accurate, what else could the bible be accurate about? Are there more mysteries to be unravelled in the holy scriptures? Could the bible hold the truth we have sought all along? Could it answer why the information about pride month is nothing but propaganda?

Watch out for the continuation next week.

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