Manufacturer Seek Better Policies to Encourage Local Production


The managing director of M. P. Masterpiece and a renowned manufacturer, Mr Emeka Ike, is seeking policies that will encourage local production and create employment in the country.

Mr. Ike who is into the manufacturing of wines and spirits, decried the rate of unemployment in Nigeria especially among the youths and proffered local production to promote national economic growth and development.

The producer of the local brand, Kubanah Whisky, said he ventured into the production due to the need for quality and international standard whiskey in the Nigerian spirit market. Over the years, the local Whiskey brand captured the hearts of Nigerian consumers and its demand continues to grow daily.

“The Whisky was introduced to fill that need for a locally produced brand that is affordable and of international standard,” Ike said.

Lamenting the rate of unemployment, he said that the only way to reduce the high rate and promote national, social and economic growth and development is to encourage local production across sectors; adding that creating jobs will further reduce corruption and crime rate in the country.

“There are so many Nigerian graduates today looking for employment but the challenge is that we don’t have enough industries to offer them jobs.”

Ike said that until the operational environment becomes friendly for production, more producers will leave the country which will cause an increase in unemployment. “When this happens, Nigeria will not attain desired development as the giant of Africa.

“Government should take it as a priority to encourage and promote local industries and also pave the way for foreign investment. If we do this, jobs will be created; kidnapping, banditry, obtaining by tricks known as yahoo, yahoo and all sorts of crime will reduce, then the economy will bounce back.” He said

Speaking on the standard of his product, Ike said, “We are happy that our brand, Kubanah Whisky is doing well and competing well with imported whisky in the Nigerian wine and spirit market”.

On policies and ease of doing business, the MD said there is the need for the Nigerian government to put in place policies that encourage local producers to continue production in our operational environment.

He lamented on the cost of production in Nigeria today, going by the recent inflation and said it is not encouraging for both local and foreign investments. “We need a conducive environment to forge ahead or more businesses will go into extinction. The market is at a low pace because of industrial challenges that the government needs to address.

“We are in the Nigerian market to quench the appetite of an average Nigerian who consumes our brands; beyond just being a business, we are driven by passion and a burden to make a difference. Government should listen to local producers and give them what they need to succeed especially in this distillery sector.

“All over the world, proper and adequate support of industries by government is what brings about economic development. Visionary leaders focus on this to bring about rapid national growth and as well, attain global competitiveness.

“Government of any country needs to support and protect production process by providing conducive environment that guarantees optimal operation for industries. Things like steady power supply, Security and a well structured transport system are essential to business owners. All these are the challenges affecting business owners from the level of production to the point of getting the goods to the marketplaces.” Mr. Ike concluded.















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