Nigerian Philanthropist Donates Abuja Market Plaza To Cameroon, Strengthening Bilateral Relations


A multimillion naira Abuja Market plaza in Douala, Cameroon, was officially opened by Ambassador (HRM) Queen Efe A. Clark-Omeru, the Nigerian Consul-General in Douala, in a spectacular act of international goodwill. The eminent Nigerian Alhaji Abba Mustafa is the charitable patron behind this enormous undertaking.

During the inauguration ceremony, the Consul-General lauded Alhaji Abba Mustafa’s visionary investment in a neighbouring country like Cameroon, emphasising the sizable Nigerian migrant population residing there—over five million individuals.

This facility is anticipated to catalyse a myriad of economic prospects; bolstering revenue through rents and job creation for both Nigerians and Cameroonians. Furthermore, its presence will augment the aesthetics of Douala city; attracting tourists and reinforcing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Ambassador Clark-Omeru expressed her optimism that this new edifice would fortify the enduring ties between Cameroon and Nigeria; extending her blessings during the commissioning event. She hailed Alhaji Abba for his selflessness and commitment to not only his homeland, Adamawa State but also Nigeria and Cameroon as a whole.

“Alhaji Abba, your benevolence knows no bounds. Your investment in this grand facility, benefiting not just yourself but the people of Adamawa State, all of Nigeria, and Cameroon, will be etched in history,” declared Amb. Clark-Omeru.

“This is a day of celebration for Nigerians, Cameroonians, and the Adamawa State natives. I am delighted to be a part of this joyous occasion. Nigerians and Cameroonians alike share in this happiness,” she added.

She commended Cameroon’s authorities for fostering a sense of fraternity between the two nations, granting Alhaji Abba this remarkable opportunity. In her closing remarks, she appealed to all Nigerians in Cameroon to be exemplary ambassadors.

Alhaji Abba Mustafa expressed his gratitude to the Consul-General for gracing the occasion and showing support for Nigerians in Cameroon. He extended his thanks to all those present, including the Nigerian Community in Douala and the royal dignitaries.

Also, Ismaila Adegbola, CEO of ND Group, commended Alhaji Abba for his investment in Cameroon; particularly for erecting a structure that will provide numerous employment opportunities. Adegbola called upon the Nigerian government to acknowledge Alhaji Abba’s contributions by bestowing upon him a national award for his positive impact on the lives of over five million Nigerians in Cameroon.









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