The Lagos State Government has reaffirmed its commitment to leveraging the resource potential of abattoir waste through innovative solutions aimed at converting them into valuable products. This initiative was highlighted during a one-day workshop held in Matori, Mushin.

Mr. Omobolaji Gaji, the Permanent Secretary of the Office of Environmental Services, emphasized the need to explore effective management techniques for animal bones, hoofs, and horns, which currently contribute to environmental defacement and methane buildup.

Representing Mr. Gaji at the event, Dr. Hassan Sanuth, the Director of Sanitation Services, emphasised that environmental pollution remains a pressing global challenge. He eemphasised the importance of taking proactive measures to prevent future generations from facing even more hazardous environmental conditions. Dr. Sanuth stressed that prompt action is crucial to prevent severe environmental degradation, the spread of diseases, and a decline in socio-economic values.

Last year, the Ministry organized a workshop focusing on the ‘Circular Economy: Conversion of Abattoir Waste to Wealth.’ This event highlighted the detrimental impact of slaughterhouse waste on the environment and explored methods to enhance its management.

It was underscored that these so-called wastes hold significant value and should be integrated into the value chain of the meat processing sector or utilized for other purposes. Practical demonstrations were provided; showcasing the processing of cattle blood, bones, and dung.

Following an assessment of the previous workshop, it wasrecognised¬† that there is a need to streamline the process into smaller, more manageable steps for widespread adoption and adaptation. The government’s proactive approach to tackling abattoir waste not only promises environmental benefits but also holds the potential for economic growth through theutilisation¬† of these previously overlooked resources.




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