The National Institute for Health Research on Global Surgery Unit (NIHR GSU) aims to enhance surgical outcomes and minimize negative impact in Nigeria. This was emphasised during the 7th annual meeting of the 2023 NIHR GSU conference in Lagos. The focus was on creating improved access to surgical care and better outcomes for patients.

Prof. Dion Morton, the Unit Co-director, stressed the importance of collaboration with professional associations, emphasising surgical excellence, access to resources, and research. This collaboration can lead to knowledge sharing, adoption of best practices, and ongoing enhancement in surgical processes.

The Federal Government of Nigeria endorses the adoption of improved surgical procedures as a means to elevate the quality of healthcare services in the country. Prof. Morton, a member of NIHR, highlighted the institute’s extensive research efforts involving large patient cohorts across multiple continents.

Coordinating Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Prof. Ali Pate, emphasised the significance of thorough pre-operative assessments in identifying potential risks. He advocated for quality assurance programs in hospitals and surgical centres to monitor and improve surgical outcomes.

Prof. Pate also stressed the importance of embracing new technologies like robotic surgery and minimally invasive procedures. Effective communication within surgical teams and standardised protocols for information sharing were deemed crucial.

Regular post-operative follow-ups were emphasised to monitor patient recovery and address any concerns promptly. Prof. Pate also highlighted the need for a patient feedback system and established redressal mechanisms in case of negative surgical impacts.

Nigeria Hub Director, Prof. Ademuyiwa Adesoji, commended Nigeria’s achievements within the global hub and affirmed the government’s support for research. He acknowledged the instrumental role of research in revolutionising surgical practices.

Dr. Salihu Bakari, Director of Research and Development at TETFund, expressed the agency’s commitment to funding research and collaborations in tertiary institutions to drive impactful change. Overall, ongoing research plays a pivotal role in advancing surgical care and improving patient outcomes.

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