Federal Government To Enhance Regional Security


In a proactive move aimed at improving regional security, the Federal Government has embarked on the implementation of the West African Police Information System, WAPIS, within Nigeria.

During a gathering at the Ministry’s headquarters in Abuja, Minister of Police Affairs, Ibrahim Gaidam, welcomed a delegation from the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, European Union, EU, and INTERPOL. Gaidam emphasised the significance of this initiative, saying that it marks a key moment in the force’s journey towards WAPIS implementation within the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The deployment of WAPIS carries substantial implications for Nigerian law enforcement and the nation as a whole. As Nigeria leads the charge against transnational crime and terrorism, the need for efficient information-sharing mechanisms becomes paramount.

WAPIS offers a unique opportunity to reinforce law enforcement efforts and promote collaboration among West African nations. By adopting WAPIS, Nigeria seeks to enhance its capacity to collect, store, analyze, and exchange critical law enforcement data across borders.

This advanced system equips law enforcement agencies with the tools required to combat organized crime, drug trafficking, human trafficking, and terrorism more effectively. It empowers authorities to identify and bring to justice criminals operating across national boundaries.

Moreover, the implementation of the WAPIS system is expected to foster a safer and more secure West Africa by building trust and cooperation among regional partners. This paves the way for the exchange of information, sharing of best practices, and enhanced expertise.

Bruno Samizano, Director of Police Service at INTERPOL headquarters, reiterated the organisation’s global commitment to supporting the WAPIS implementation in Nigeria; emphasizing the international significance of this initiative.







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