Nigeria And Benin Make Trade Deal


In some exciting news, the Nigeria Customs Service and the Benin Republic Customs Administration are teaming up to expand trade between their countries. The Nigeria Customs Service, based in the Seme area, wants to do more than just the Seme Border. They want to reach into Benin, and vice versa. This big step forward is possible because both countries recently agreed to work together.

The new leader in charge of this change, Timi Bomordi, told everyone about this plan when he took over as the boss of the Seme area customs. He said that once they put this plan into action, Nigeria and Benin could make lots of money, maybe trillions of dollars. It would seem like both nations are becoming trade buddies. Nigeria will be able to trade more easily with Benin, and Benin can do the same with Nigeria.

Bomordi believes this partnership will be a big deal and make things better for both sides. This decision follows Nigeria Customs’ recent promise to improve how they trade with Benin.

Bomordi also said that when trade gets better, there will be more money. To do this well, both nations need to make sure their systems and rules match up. This is important for the success of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement. As things move more smoothly along this trade path, the two nations could make trillions of dollars in revenue, which would be a huge change for Africa.

Lastly, Bomordi mentioned that this new agreement will eventually get rid of all the security checks along the Badagry Expressway, making it easier for things to move back and forth between the two countries.





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