Tinubu’s Address At 78th United Nations General Assembly


At the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly(UNGA), President Bola Tinubu of Nigeria delivered his inaugural address. He began by acknowledging the newly elected UN General Assembly President and praised the outgoing president for his capable leadership. Tinubu also commended UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for his dedicated efforts in addressing global challenges.

President Tinubu’s address revolved around the urgent imperative for Africa to surmount historical exploitations and harness its immense potential while upholding democratic principles. He stressed the significance of the international community recognising African development as a pivotal investment and jointly tackling the pressing issues posed by climate change.

Tinubu highlighted Five critical points during his speech:

Prioritising African Development: He underscored the importance of global institutions and other nations recognising African development not only as crucial for the continent but also as a mutual interest. Nigeria and Africa, in general, have grappled with economic structures that hinder progress, industrial growth, job creation, and equitable wealth distribution.

To demonstrate Nigeria’s commitment, Tinubu shared that he had already initiated vital reforms in his country; including the removal of a costly fuel subsidy and the overhaul of the exchange rate system. He emphasised the need for genuine partnerships that foster economic growth and investment in Africa.

Promoting Democratic Governance: Tinubu unequivocally rejected military coups and any skewed civilian political systems that perpetuate injustice. He highlighted ongoing negotiations with military leaders in Niger, expressing Nigeria’s commitment, as the Chair of ECOWAS, to reestablish democratic governance in the region. He called for support from those genuinely interested in this mission.

Addressing Extremism: The President acknowledged the pervasive threat of violent extremists in the region and the inhumane commerce that has emerged as a result. He expressed the need to disband extremist groups and strengthen international commitment to curbing the flow of arms and militants into West Africa.

Safeguarding Mineral-Rich Regions: Tinubu raised concerns about the exploitation of resource-rich areas; citing the Democratic Republic of the Congo as an example. He called on the world to recognise the immense debt owed to these regions and urged collaboration in deterring companies and individuals from exploiting Africa’s resources.

Fighting Climate Change: The President highlighted the impact of climate change on Nigeria and Africa as a whole; including desert encroachment, coastal flooding, and seasonal floods. He expressed solidarity with nations like Morocco and Libya, which arealso facing climate-related challenges; although the incidents are largely believed to be more artificial than natural.

Tinubu emphasised the need for Africa to address climate change on its own terms; aligning climate action with economic development. He cited projects such as the Green Wall initiative and efforts to reduce deforestation as examples of actions that promote both economic growth and climate resilience. Tinubu called for greater public and private sector investment in Africa’s climate initiatives.

In conclusion, President Tinubu emphasised that Nigeria’s goals align with the core principles of the UN; which include peace, security, human rights, and development. He called for an end to poverty, resource exploitation, and the violation of people’s will. Tinubu stressed the importance of protecting the planet and encouraged the international community to walk alongside Africa as true friends and partners, recognising Africa as the key to the world’s future.











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