Nigeria Seeks European Union’s Aid To Enhance Police Force


In an effort to elevate the capabilities of the Nigeria Police Force and to align with global standards, Minister of State for Police Affairs, Hajia Imaan Sulaiman-Ibrahim, has reached out to the European Union (EU) for technical support. The Minister made this appeal during a meeting held at the ministry’s headquarters in Abuja, where she discussed the possibility of collaboration with a team led by the European Ambassador to Nigeria, Samuela Isopi.

During these discussions, Minister Sulaiman-Ibrahim stressed the paramount importance of addressing policy gaps and amplifying the Police Force’s capacities to enhance its overall performance. She noted the contemporary imperatives of community-based policing, intelligence-driven operations, and the seamless integration of technology, all of which are fundamental pillars of modern law enforcement. Notably, the European Union, through its law enforcement cooperation agency (EUROPO), possesses a wealth of expertise in these domains.

The Minister highlighted the significance of police reforms within the Renewed Hope Agenda and expressed the need for strategic cooperation between the ministry and the EU to combat transnational crimes. She said that they are harmonising various police reforms, analyzing their implementation challenges, and setting goals for the next few years.

In response, European Ambassador Samuela Isopi reaffirmed the EU’s commitment to supporting Nigeria’s agencies involved in policing, particularly in terms of training and capacity building. She emphasised the existing collaboration between the EU and the Nigeria Police Force in areas such as countering human trafficking and smuggling of migrants.

Isopi also mentioned the upcoming signing of a new migration program and emphasised the importance of continued cooperation to address gender-based violence. She concluded by underlining the EU’s dedication to strengthening Nigeria’s law enforcement capabilities on multiple fronts.





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