Black Lives Matter Organisation Shows Support for Hamas


Supporters and well-wishers of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement are obviously disappointed in the organisation after a BLM chapter showed support for the Palestinian militant group Hamas on Tuesday as the terrorist group launched the deadliest attack on Jewish people since the mass slaughter.

A statement released on social media by the BLM Grassroots chapter in response to the ongoing fight between Hamas militants and Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) reads;

“As the world is faced with deep questions about self-determination, as well all desire, and pray for a world of peace, we must stand unwaveringly on the side of the oppressed. When a people have been subject to decades of apartheid and unimaginable violence, their resistance must not be condemned, but understood as a desperate act of self-defence.”

Black Lives Matter Grassroots, which represents 26 local BLM chapters across the country, stated their solidarity with the Palestinian people, and recognised that its claims are clear parallels between Black and Palestinian people in the lengthy statement.

“Black Lives Matter Grassroots stands in solidarity with our Palestinian family who are currently resisting 57 years of settler colonialism and apartheid. As Black people continue the fight to end militarism and mass incarcerations in our own communities, let us understand the resistance in Palestine as an attempt to tear down the gates of the world’s biggest open air prison.

“As a radical Black organisation grounded in abolitionist ideals, we see clear parallels between Black and Palestinian people.” The statement partly reads.

Shortly after the statement was issued, a number of other social media users and BLM supporters took a stand against the organisation. Some even went as far as relinquishing their support for the organisation.

“I have been a Black Lives Matter supporter since the beginning. That ends today,” Natalie W wrote on X, formerly Twitter, responding to the BLM Grassroots statement.

“Wow, I used to support BLM. I don’t know if I can anymore. Do you guys even know what happened?” X user Aryeh Levine wrote.

“Wow I’ve supported this movement from the beginning. Phone calls. Emails. Money. Wow wow. Barbaric murders. Women children raped and paraded named. infants taken from their parents. Elderly murdered lived on Facebook. Raped and beaten women being sat on and spat on. That’s justified? I’m for human life. Whatever you are. Blown away,” one follower said in the comments.

Another follower commented, “As someone who has followed and supported this account for a long time, I find this post to be incredibly miseducated. I do not condone the way that the Palestinian people are treated, but this is not their fight. This is an act of aggression by an antisemitic terrorist organisation, Hamas, that pre-exists the current conflict between Israel and Palestine. You can stand up against terrorists and still support a peaceful solution to the conflict in Gaza. Your explanation of what is currently happening is incredibly off base and, quite frankly, offensive.”

Former White House official Ari Fleischer wrote, “This is disgusting. BLM celebrates murder. Never forget this.”

The ongoing fight between Hamas militants and Israeli soldiers has resulted in over 1,500 deaths so far, IReport news will bring you more as events unfold.













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