The White House refuses to refreeze the $6 billion given to Iran


President Joe Biden is currently under pressure from Republican senators to impose yet another freeze on $6 billion in Iranian funds following Saturday’s brutal Hamas attack in Israel.

The Iranian regime gained access to the money under a recent deal that freed five American hostages, and the funds were to be used for humanitarian purposes.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn and other Republican senators jointly wrote a letter to President Joe Biden to say it is not right nor reasonable to have Iran receive $6 billion in its unfrozen assets.

The letter jointly written by 20 Republican senators to Biden on Monday reads,”To stand by and allow Iran access to these funds as Hamas infiltrates Israel and murders, rapes, and mutilates countless Israelis is unconscionable,

”Your administration claims these funds are only available for humanitarian use, but money is fungible, and there is a significant risk they could be used for further efforts by Iran or Hamas against Israel.

“Allowing the funds to flow into Iran’s economy allows the Iranian regime to reallocate even more funds to supporting terrorism,” they added, saying oversight of the funds is ”not enough.”

The concluding part of their letter stated that, “We must stand with Israel and restrict access to these Iranian funds. Iran should be placed under the most stringent sanctions admissible. Anything short of this is unacceptable and only aids in the ability of Iran and Hamas to fund these heinous acts.”

In this week’s public comments, the Biden administration said they had no information pointing to Iranian support for the attack, while acknowledging its past support for Hamas, and for terror groups.

”There’s a degree of complicity here, but Iran has been supporting Hamas for many, many years – tools, training, capabilities – certainly rhetorically but in much more tangible ways than that,” said White House national security spokesman John Kirby. ”So, absolutely, there’s a degree of complicity here at large.

”That said, we haven’t – and we are looking through the information streams. We haven’t seen hard, tangible evidence that Iran was directly involved in participating in or resourcing and planning these sets of complex attacks that Hamas pulled off over the weekend,” he said.

He added that the administration was ”going to keep looking at it. Our Israeli counterparts are also actively looking, and even they have publicly said they don’t see the ‘smoking gun.’”

However, Kirby and other officials on the other hand have refused to confirm a story that Iran helped to plan the attack, and gave the go-ahead during a Beirut meeting last week Monday.













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