Remi Tinubu Empowers Women


In a very much needed call for female empowerment, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, the wife of The President of Nigeria, is championing the cause of women breaking free from societal constraints and unlocking their full potential.

The first lady delivered this inspirational message during her keynote address in Victoria Island, marking the commencement of the 23rd National Women’s Conference, which was organised by the Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials (COWLSO). The conference theme is, “Unleash Your Potential.”

In her address, She emphasised the pivotal role that women play in shaping the nation’s future. She portrayed women as natural leaders, innovators, caregivers, and drivers of positive change. However, she urged them to recognise and overcome the obstacles that often hinder their progress. Senator Tinubu called for the dismantling of stereotypes and the establishment of a supportive environment where equal opportunities prevail.

She underlined the significance of education, healthcare, economic empowerment, and gender equity as fundamental pillars for unleashing the full potential of women. She urged women to stand united, collaborate, and offer mutual support, working together to ensure that every woman in Nigeria has the tools and opportunities needed to realise her potential.

Her address was concluded by emphasising that the empowerment of women is not a solitary pursuit of personal success but a collective effort that uplifts families, communities, and the entire nation. She called upon all conference attendees to embrace the theme with the aim of benefiting not only themselves but also their respective states and the nation at large.

In her closing words, Senator Tinubu encouraged women to persevere in their journey to contribute to the prosperity and progress of the nation. She commended the remarkable resilience of women who have been the custodians of COWLSO’s core principles. Recognising the unique challenges that women often face in various endeavors, she urged them to seek help and support when faced with difficulties on their path to achieving their goals.






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