In a collaborative effort between the Nigeria Red Cross Society (NRCS) and the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC), a sum of over N39 million has been disbursed to aid 1,250 victims affected by the 2022 flood in Niger State.

Sakariyau Balaji, the Head of Cash Distribution Programme in Niger, accompanied by an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) officer from the National Society Headquarters in Abuja, revealed this development to journalists following the cash disbursement event held in Shiroro, Wushishi, and Lavun local councils of the state.

Balaji specified that 500 beneficiaries hailed from Lavun, 500 from Wushishi, and the remaining 250 were drawn from Shiroro Local Council. Each of the 1,250 beneficiaries received N30,500 from the Red Cross movements across the country as a form of support to ease the impact of the natural disaster.

The distribution process, covering the three severely affected local councils, was conducted smoothly and peacefully, devoid of any conflicts, ensuring each beneficiary received the allotted support.

Emphasising the comprehensive nature of the aid, Balaji highlighted that the beneficiaries had been registered and identified since the previous year by the Red Cross, following meticulous assessment and data collection from the affected populace.

Expressing gratitude, Gideon Paiko, the Secretary of the Red Cross in the state, lauded the consistent support of the Red Cross in Nigeria towards the people of Niger State. He underlined the pivotal role played by the Red Cross in various aspects of the community, and hoped for the continuity of such assistance.

Paiko emphasised that the cash distribution to the flood victims would significantly alleviate the adverse effects of the disaster on the affected individuals. Furthermore, he advised the recipients to prudently utilize the financial support provided to improve their livelihoods.

Addressing the need for further assistance, Paiko urged the state government to complement the Red Cross’s efforts by instituting support programs aimed at further alleviating the victims’ hardships.

Assuring responsible utilisation of the received aid, the beneficiaries pledged to utilise the disbursed funds judiciously









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