ISP Set to Boost Agriculture for Economic Growth


The strong desire for Nigeria to fast track its economic diversification for enhanced growth through the agricultural sector will receive a boost with the proposed launch of the Incorporated Society of Planters (ISP) for stakeholders in the plantation industry.

The Incorporated Society of Planters (ISP), the brainchild of Foremost Development Services Limited and Agrinexus Group of Companies, has decided to take a step to reduce the recruitment of foreign professionals across the value chains through its training programme.

Fatai Afolabi, Managing Director of Foremost Development Services at a briefing in Lagos, commented on this development and said: “We have over the years been disturbed by the lack of capacity of some Nigerian professionals; especially in the plantation industry. It has been a serious concern for us that in some agricultural value chains, Nigeria still has to look beyond our shores to recruit foreign experts, and professionals to help us develop our plantations and farming projects.”

According to him, the country must develop its agriculture in the way that other countries with highly productive agriculture developed theirs; noting that this prompted the introduction of an ISP chapter in the country’s agricultural landscape.

He said the ISP is an establishment that is set up to grow and develop capacities of agricultural graduates all over the world, and it can impact the country’s agricultural development by adding values and making it as productive as it ought to be.

“Before now, ISP has been in Malaysia and some other Asian countries but today through the efforts of Agrinexus International and Foremost Development Services, we have launched the ISP in Nigeria,” he said.

Fatai also noted that the establishment of ISP in Nigeria will help create an African hub as it will serve as a regional organisation.

Shermal Perera, the Group Managing Director and founder of Agrinexus Group also commented, saying: “ ISP has been in Malaysia for over 100 years and during its early development, it was established for planters to join as members to enable them to take up courses that enable them to establish productive plantations.

“As a member you can go through training courses and proper education for you to establish yourself in the plantation industry.

“It is important because it allows you to extend your knowledge in agriculture and allow your career to develop and move up the ladder from a humble beginning to a high position.”












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