Is Germany Slowly Being Islamised?


A new study has warned that school children in German schools are now converting to Islam and Christian students are made to feel like outsiders and are desperate to try and fit in.


‘More and more parents of German children are turning to counselling centres because the Christian children want to convert so that they are no longer outsiders at school,’ a state security officer said.


The Criminal Research Institute of Lower Saxony carried out a study recently and found out that 67.8 percent of the students surveyed believe that the Koran is ‘more important’ than the even laws in Germany. Almost half of them (45.6 percent) think that ‘Islamic Theocracy is the best form of government’.

Several schools in big cities like Berlin or Frankfurt where Muslim children make up more than 80 percent of the student population which experts say is due to the strong immigration in the last eight years.

In addition, many of these Muslim students come from very strong religious families with ‘very archaic cultures’ in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, where people live according to the morals and laws laid out by the Koran. In their pursuit to ensure girls abide by the rules of the Koran, the male Muslim students can ‘appear very threatening and sometimes violent’


‘When girls at school behave too westernised in the eyes of Muslim young people, don’t wear a headscarf or meet boys, the male students think they have to defend their honour and warn the girls to behave like a devout Muslim,’ the state security officer said.


‘In addition, there is also peer pressure: you want to belong.’


As a result of this, ‘parallel societies’ can emerge in schools as the Muslim students assume a dominant role. ‘And if a lot of refugee children come to school again in the summer, the situation will become even more explosive,’ the expert said.


Researchers working on the new study asked about 308 Muslim students in the German state of Lower Saxony a plethora of questions concerning their view on religion and governance. The result was that more than half, 51.5 percent of the children, said only Islam will be able to ‘solve the problems of our time’, and 36.5 percent believe that German society should be structured more according to Islamic rules.


Questions on violence against non-Muslims revealed shocking beliefs that these youngsters hold; more than a third i.e 35.3 percent said they can understand violence against people who insult Allah or the prophet Mohammed, while 21.2 percent think that the threat to Islam from the Western world justifies Muslims violently defending themselves, and 18.1 percent of the children believe that violence is justified if it is to spread and implement Islam.


From the research institute which conducted the study, Carl Philipp Schroeder, said: ‘The data in the latest Lower Saxony survey gives cause for concern and shows how important political education is in schools.’


The state security officer also warned that Islamist propaganda on social media was ongoing, Islamist pop stars go on TikTok to ‘convince students that they have to oppose the Western way of life’. Children are told ‘that only a caliphate is the right form of government’ and that Muslim students are ‘special’, and non-Muslim students, like Christians, are ‘worthless’.


Politicians and experts have been left terrified by these horrible findings, with Christoph de Vries from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) said: ‘The study shows how deep the traces that political Islam has already left in Germany are,’ adding that the views expressed by the children in the study were ‘systematic indoctrination at work’.


Another CDU politician, Karin Prien, who is the party’s federal deputy and the school minister in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, said the families, schools, federal centres for political education and youth work in the Muslim communities are ‘responsible’ for the values and beliefs held by these children, adding that the role of social media platforms like TikTok has to be ‘re-evaluated with a view to the spread of Islamist and extremist content’.


Ksenija Bekeris from the Social Democratic Party (SPD) said the findings of the study are ‘alarming’ and there should be a ‘significant strengthening of democracy education in schools’.


Stefan Duell, the head of the German Teachers’ Union, said the conclusion of the study was ‘worrying’ and that there is now a need for more democracy education in line with German values and the law.


‘There is zero tolerance,’ Mr Duell said while urging that Islamism in German schools must be stopped. Children shouldn’t be forced or threatened into any religion.


This findings should serve as a wake up call to parents, politicians and all relevant stakeholders in the education sector as well as the security agencies to take a decisive stand against a coordinated indoctrination of children and young people into violent religious extremism.


If indeed Germany is committed to fostering democracy, the right to religious freedom for all residents and citizens should be upheld. Discrimination and intimidation should not be allowed to thrive in schools or in the society as a whole.

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