Asana Set to Launch AI-Driven Workflow Solutions in Nigeria


Asana, a leading enterprise work management platform, announced its official launch in Lagos, Nigeria, with an event themed ‘Future-Proofing Nigerian Workflows: AI That Works’. Scheduled for the first week of June in Ikoyi, Lagos, the event aims to introduce Nigerian businesses to Asana’s productivity and efficiency-enhancing tools.

Rilwon Jaiyeola, Country Director for Asana Africa, expressed excitement about supporting local businesses in optimising workflows and increasing productivity. He emphasized that Asana’s platform is designed to facilitate effective team collaboration and help organisations achieve their objectives with ease.

Founded in 2008 and commercially launched in April 2012, Asana has been instrumental in transforming workplaces worldwide with its AI-driven tools. Its global client portfolio includes notable companies such as Sony Music, Zoom, Dow Jones, Discovery Digital Studios, and Dior. These companies have reported significant improvements in productivity and efficiency using Asana. For instance, Sony Music quadrupled its creative production capacity, and Zoom saves 133 work weeks annually.

Asana’s expansion into the Nigerian market, through its West African partner Novotech Works, marks a significant milestone. The platform’s advanced features aim to address common workplace challenges like project management, team collaboration, and task tracking. Nigerian businesses can expect enhanced productivity, streamlined workflows, and reduced administrative burdens.

The launch event will offer attendees a chance to explore Asana’s features and benefits, with discussions on AI’s role in future-proofing workflows. Business leaders and innovators are expected to gather to learn how Asana can solve existing workplace issues and boost productivity.

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