Cranium Integrated Solutions Urges Government to Digitize Hospitals


CRANIUM Integrated Solutions Ltd, a company specialising in hospital information management systems, has called on the federal government to prioritize the digitisation of hospitals to alleviate the stress of patient healthcare delivery in Nigeria. At a press conference in Abuja, Dr. Kunle Adesida, co-founder of CRANIUM Integrated Solutions Ltd, emphasised that hospitals operating manually risk becoming obsolete.

Dr. Adesida highlighted the global lag in adopting digital health solutions, pointing out that increased awareness of their benefits could improve acceptance. He introduced CRANIUM Integrated Solutions’ Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, designed to streamline patient care and extend health services to underserved areas, thus advancing universal health coverage.

Addressing concerns about low and unstable internet penetration in digitally underserved regions, Adesida assured that CraniumEHR could deliver healthcare through integrated wearables and point-of-care mobile devices. He stressed that the system is fully customizable to meet the specific needs of Nigeria’s health facilities, ensuring complete data ownership for these institutions.

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the necessity for digitalisation, prompting a shift towards digital solutions. Dr. Adesida noted that CRANIUM Integrated Solutions has been developing this product since 2005, ensuring it aligns with both local and global medical and administrative standards. The system is adaptable for various healthcare facilities, from primary health centers to tertiary institutions.

Efforts were made to ensure the system allows seamless patient workflow, enabling remote monitoring of patients’ vitals through customised point-of-care testing devices and AI-driven features. The local content system allows hospitals to fully customise their setups, offering full access privileges to a locally hosted database mirrored on secure cloud servers compliant with the Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC).

Cranium is leveraging blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies to facilitate patient access to healthcare and data across different locations. Newly added patient biometric cards enhance this capability, allowing patients to receive care seamlessly at any participating hospital.

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