NMA Donates food, toiletries and cash to Abuja Orphanage


The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) recently made a significant donation to the Abuja Orphanage Home, aimed at enhancing the well-being of the children residing there. This donation included essential food items, toiletries, and cash, and was part of the association’s broader humanitarian welfare initiative for vulnerable Nigerians. The newly elected president of the NMA, Dr. Bala Muhammad Audu, spearheaded the visit, underscoring the association’s commitment to social responsibility and community support.


Dr. Bala Muhammad Audu, while presenting the donations, emphasised that the NMA is a professional body representing all Nigerian doctors. The primary aim of the NMA is to ensure that quality healthcare is delivered to all Nigerians. Additionally, the association is dedicated to the welfare of health professionals, particularly doctors and dentists, who are instrumental in delivering this healthcare. According to Dr. Audu, the association’s strong humanitarian welfare package is designed to support vulnerable groups within the country, with orphans being identified as one of these key groups.


In a bid to expand its humanitarian efforts, the NMA has decided to adopt at least seven orphanages across Nigeria, ensuring that each geopolitical zone of the country is represented. The Abuja Orphanage Home was the first beneficiary of this initiative. The association’s support includes not only the provision of food and toiletries but also financial assistance aimed at improving the overall upbringing of the children, helping them grow into responsible citizens.


Dr. Audu explained that the funds and resources for these charitable activities come from the National Officers Committee as well as collective contributions from Nigerian doctors. He reassured that this initiative is not a one-off event but rather the beginning of a sustained relationship with the orphanage. The NMA plans to maintain open communication with the orphanage authorities to understand their needs and provide timely assistance whenever required. The initial contribution, valued at approximately N1.1 million, is expected to lay a strong foundation for this ongoing support.


Musa Danjuma, the administrator of the Abuja Orphanage Home, received the donation with gratitude. He expressed deep appreciation for the NMA’s generosity and commitment to the welfare of the children. Danjuma highlighted the importance of such donations in improving the living conditions of the orphans and ensuring they receive the care and support needed for their development.


This initiative by the NMA marks a significant step in bridging the gap between healthcare professionals and the community. By extending their support beyond the healthcare sector and directly engaging in social welfare activities, the NMA is setting a precedent for other professional bodies to follow. The association’s efforts are a testament to the vital role that healthcare professionals play not only in delivering medical services but also in contributing to the overall well-being of society.

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