Sanwo-Olu’s Administration Delivers on Campaign Promises


Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu celebrated the first year of his second term in office by highlighting his administration’s commitment to fulfilling its promises, particularly in the areas of health and the environment.

Sanwo-Olu addressed the ongoing challenge of flash flooding in Lagos due to its geographical location and human activities exacerbating the problem. He emphasised the need for effective waste management and flood prevention measures to ensure a healthier and more prosperous environment for the citizens.

The government invested significantly in waste management infrastructure, including the acquisition of 102 compactor trucks and 100 double-dino bins. These assets were specifically designed for the unique terrain of Lagos and aimed to improve waste evacuation and reduce the incidence of black spots.

In addition to waste management, the administration focused on desilting drains and recycling efforts to mitigate flooding risks. They unveiled high-capacity drainage clearing and maintenance equipment and rolled out 40,000 smart bins under the ‘Adopt a Bin’ initiative to promote recycling and a cleaner environment.

Furthermore, Sanwo-Olu’s administration prioritized the aesthetics of the city by partnering with LASPARK to beautify public spaces using recycled materials. They also invested in dual-purpose recreational parks accessible to residents for relaxation and other activities.

In terms of health, the government responded to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic by establishing triage and oxygen centers in high-burdened areas. These centers, equipped with essential medical resources, aimed to manage severe COVID-19 cases and other health emergencies effectively.

Moreover, the administration focused on improving maternal and infant health through the establishment of Mother and Child Centers (MCCs) across the state. These centers provided specialised care for expectant mothers and contributed to reducing infant and maternal mortality rates.

Overall, Sanwo-Olu’s administration demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering on its campaign promises, particularly in addressing environmental and health challenges facing Lagos State

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