NUT Advocates Community Policing to Tackle School Attacks


With the increasing rate of attacks on schools day by day, with students and school workers being abducted for ransom payment, the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has again called on both the Federal and state governments to adopt community policing as an effective way to tackle this menace.


The call was made by the Secretary-General of the union, Mike Ene who was asked to assess the security situation in schools in the last one year of the present administration during an interview.


According to him, schools from primary to university levels have become an easy target for bandits and kidnappers, seeing them as an avenue to get cheap money and this development is totally unacceptable.


He said the government, at all levels, will need to make the safety of students and teachers and other Nigerians at latge, including their property a topmost priority, while adding that it’s high time the government declared a state of emergency in and around schools across the country.


Making reference to the Chibok school girls incident, Mr Mike Ene said that they could still be in captivity of their abductors 10 years after they were forcefully taken away from their hostels.


He said aside from the direct implications these armed attacks had on both students and their parents, the situation is also increasing the number of out-of-school children, especially in the north.


He said that many parents especially in the Northern states known to be more troubled such as Borno, Katsina, Zamfara, Kaduna, Benue, Plateau, Adamawa, etc, are rather skeptical about enrolling their children in schools again because they are scared their children could be kidnapped for ransom payment which they don’t have.


He therefore, re-emphasised that the government will need to create community (and not state) policing to be able to effectively curb this menace, adding that such step will be the most effective way to guarantee the safety of the people and their property anywhere they are.

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