Afreximbank Grants $925 Million Loan To NNPC Backed By Crude Oil


A $925 Million loan has been provided by Afreximbank to Nigeria’s state-owned oil company, NNPC. This loan is part of a larger $3.3 Billion facility backed by crude oil, aimed at stabilising Nigeria’s economy.


With this latest disbursement, the total amount given to NNPC by Afreximbank now stands at $3.175 Billion. The bank announced that this is the largest crude oil-backed loan facility in Nigeria’s history and one of the biggest syndicated loans in Africa.


The loan is intended to support Nigeria’s efforts to stabilise its naira currency, which has experienced significant devaluation. Last August, the NNPC sought financial assistance from Afreximbank to help manage the currency crisis.


At the time of the loan request, the naira had plummeted to 1,000 per dollar on the black market. As of Thursday, the currency’s value had further dropped, being quoted as low as 1,498 per dollar.


Afreximbank raised the funds for this loan from a consortium of oil trading companies. This group includes major players such as Oando Group and Sahara Energy Resource Limited.


The loan facility is designed to bolster Nigeria’s macroeconomic stability and promote growth. By securing funding through crude oil, Afreximbank aims to provide Nigeria with the financial support needed to navigate its economic challenges.


Last December, Afreximbank received funding commitments totalling $2.25 Billion for NNPC’s loan request. This was a significant step towards meeting the financial needs outlined by the NNPC.


Nigeria’s President, Bola Tinubu, has introduced several economic reforms since May last year. These reforms include devaluing the naira twice in less than six months to attract more foreign currency.


The devaluation of the naira was part of a broader strategy to end a multiple exchange rate system. This system had kept the naira artificially strong, hindering the country’s ability to attract foreign investment.


Following the reforms, Nigeria has been actively seeking to attract foreign investors. The Central Bank of Nigeria has offered high yields on Treasury bills at open market auctions to lure more foreign capital.


The Government’s efforts to stabilise the naira and attract investment are crucial for Nigeria’s economic recovery. The crude oil-backed loan from Afreximbank is a key component of this strategy.


By providing substantial financial support, Afreximbank is playing a pivotal role in helping Nigeria navigate its economic challenges. The success of this initiative could set a precedent for similar financial strategies in other African nations.

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