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Joe Biden loses President-Elect Status Briefly In The Senate

Pam Bondi Real Clear Politics Florida Attorney General

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has tweeted that the RealClear Politics just rescinded their call for Joe Biden winning Pennsylvania bringing the electoral vote down to 259 for Biden and 232 for Trump.

The news also led to the withdrawal of the President-elect status from Biden on Monday, November 9, 2020, as the 20 electoral votes were stripped off of him. Sources argue that the Real Clear Politics never called Pennsylvania for Joe Biden to begin with. The Polling/Political media Company said the electoral count is still on and the lawsuits still flying.

Pam Bondi Real Clear politics Twitter election 2020

There is information also that Trump is within 1% of Biden in Arizona. American Political Columnist Benny Johnson made this known in his tweet two days ago; where he called out the mainstream media for not announcing it, tagging them “…sycophantic…”. He said that his Cable News Network has refused to call the Presidential election for either candidate “…because we wait for data and respect the voice of the American people. That is called being responsible,” he said.

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Currently, there are four states that are yet to be called for either candidate as stated by the Chicago based Political news media; they are Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania at 98%, 99%, 97% and 97% respectively.

Reports had it that Donald Trump was leading in many of these states on the day of the election before the count was stopped abruptly and without concrete reasons.

Count resumed days following and it is amazing that the count is still on in these states.