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Large Gatherings Will Only Be Accessed By Vaccination Proofs

Governor obaseki of edo states anti vaccination protest happening in edo states Nigeria

Vaccination ProofThe Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki has announced that the state will soon pronounce restraints for unvaccinated residents of the state, especially as it pertains to public gatherings. He made this known on Monday while launching the second phase of the COVID-19 vaccination exercise.

The Governor said large gatherings such as churches, mosques, banks, weddings and burial receptions will not be accessible without a presentation of vaccination certificate from the second week of September 2021.

Obaseki said: “Beginning from the second week of September 2021, large gatherings, as well as high traffic public and private places, will only be accessed by persons who have proof of taking at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. People who have not yet been vaccinated at all will depend on remote access to these gatherings.

“From the second week of September, people may not be allowed to worship in churches and mosques without showing proof of their vaccination cards at the gates. Similarly, people will not be allowed to event centres, receptions or parties, without showing proof of their vaccination cards.

“People will not be allowed to access banking services from the middle of September 2021, if they are not vaccinated.”

edo state governor obaseki policy protest against by Edo Youths

Affirming his stand as well as the measures that has been put in place to enforce the development, Governor Obaseki said: “We have made adequate arrangements with security agencies to prevent anybody who doesn’t have vaccination cards vaccination proofs to access any of these places. We are doing this to protect our citizens and all these measures will remain until the pandemic passes away. Vaccine is available and free for all”

He added that his administration will not cease to ensure that all non-pharmaceutical measures to contain the spread of the virus, are strictly adhered to, in the state. He also added that the new directive is not to cause adversity, but to preserve more lives till the pandemic is over, stating that his government “…will not abandon…” the citizens and residents of the state “at this time of the pandemic.”

Reacting to this, Nigerians are saying it is a violation of the human rights as stated in the constitution of the Nation; every citizen has the freedom to choose. Ibukun said: “this is a coercive way of introducing forced vaccination or vaccination proofs. It is no different from modernized slavery. Every citizen ought to choose whether or not to get vaccinated; especially considering the fact that these vaccines are not a guarantee that the individual is immune to the disease.

“There are cases of breakthrough vaccinations, the adverse reactions are rampant all over the world, some are maimed for life and others are dead. The government is not saying anything regarding that. Will Obaseki take responsibility should there be any adverse reaction after getting vaccinated since they have signed indemnification with the manufacturers?” she said.