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Building links also known as backlinking, is one of those ranking factors to rank your site on Google, years back, building links was not a strong factor, but now Google feels when you have an external link, your site is worth trusting and this allows you to rank above another site with fewer links.

More authoritative bloggers are already into the digital space, and. We are all aware that times are changing; the digital revolution is at the cutting edge of the new normal.

If any business owner wants to flourish through the digital space, they have to get themselves updated when it comes to marketing online using a blog or website- which link building is one of those major factors that will make your website rank on Google; most especially when it involves helping business owners grow their target audience.

When you think of ranking your website on Google, you need to understand the importance of link building, also the need to come up with a solid strategy that will help you earn high-quality links.

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Link building gives your site authority, quality links will help you drive more traffic and also helps get better metrics, this means more opportunities for revenue generation.

Having known this, whatever category you fall into, either an SEO beginner -a person who is just learning how to build links for the first time, maybe you have been doing it for years and just want to find new techniques that still works, there are several approaches you can take to achieve this.

In this context, you will get to know what link building is all about and those tactics that are still very much effective, this will help you to earn those top-ranking positions. 

We will share quick win tactics alongside those that need a little more time and planning, but can truly help you to get backlinks.

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. Marketers and business owners should rather be interested in building links to drive organic traffic from major search engines and increase their site’s authority.

A key factor to any successful SEO strategy is link building. It is also agreed by major SEO experts that it is one of the effective parts of ranking a website, yet can hurt your website when you don’t get it right.

Google’s algorithms are quite complex and always evolving, but backlinks remain an important factor when we talk about how most search engines determine which site should rank for which keywords.

Building links is one of those tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO) because backlinks are signals, telling Google that your site is a quality resource worthy of ranking. Therefore, sites with more backlinks tend to earn higher organic traffic.

The reasons you need to make sure you are placing a strong focus on link building as an SEO are:

  • Link building increases credibility and trustworthiness as a business
  • You get benefits from targeted referral traffic.
  • Backlink enables Google to find new pages on your site faster.
  • The backlink will rank higher on Google and other search engines.

You can’t ignore link building, and you need to make sure you are rolling out strategies that give you a competitive advantage.

How Link Building works

When website A is been linked to website B, this is a strong hint to Google’s algorithm that it deserves to rank higher for targeted, and this can also be referred to as inbound links, backlinks, external links, or, quite simply, just links.

The more high-quality links that point to your website (and forms part of your backlink profile), the higher you’re ranked on Google and the higher level of organic traffic you begin to receive.

Links aren’t all created the same as some can pose a threat or even cause your website to decrease invisibility. There are many different tactics that you can use to build links: some easier to execute than others, and knowing where to get started can be difficult at times, especially when you are aware that some can do more harm than good.

Link building takes time and effort; there is no hiding from that fact. It might be hard to get but those who can successfully execute tactics to build better links than their competitors typically see significant growth in organic traffic and boost their revenue; that is why you need to understand how links work as this account for a considerable portion of your SEO campaigns’ resources.

I examined deep the importance of understanding link building for SEO in our, you should check out for a detailed guide to what and, the reason behind this key pillar of any successful campaign.