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Mallam Babangida Drowns After Falling Off Bridge In Tunga Rijawa, Kwara

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Mallam Babangida, who was identified as a security guard, on Sunday 13th of June 2021 lost his life after he was seen falling off a bridge in Kaiama Local Government, Kwara State.

Report of Mallam Babangida hit the news within hours after the incident in Tunga Rijawa. After a brief investigation by reporters, It was discovered Mallam Babangida was working with a construction company within the city of Tunja Rijawa.

The spokesperson of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) in Kawara state, Mr. Afolabi Zaid Babawale, briefed the media on what really happened to Mallam Babangida 6am on Sunday.

Babawale Afolabi said he`s corpse was retrieved by officers who found it swept to a nearby river bank in the city.

Mr. Afolabi told reporters the following when question multiple times to give clear details on how a grown man will fell off a bridge.

“Mallam Babangida of Tunga Rijawa Village fell into Moshe river and died.”

“The deceased was a security guard at Turning Point Construction Company, and while he was going home after closing from work, as he was trying to cross the bridge, he fell into the river and died.

“His body was later found beside by the river bank.”

The NSCDC spokesperson, therefore, advised the people of Tunga Rijawa, Kwara to be very watchful and very careful, especially during raining season, to guide against such incident from happening again.