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Meet The Big Brother Naija Girls In Their Own Words

what is big brother naija all about

Big Brother Naija Season 6, tagged “Shine Ya Eye” welcome interesting female contestant In this latest season. Nigerians are quick to dig deep into the lives of each of the contestant and what the girls are all about.

Our correspondent was able to compile exactly how each of the latest big brother ladies described themselves.

They all have unique personality and in this post, I will detail how they see themselves and why they think they deserve to be the winner of the Shine Ya Eyes season.

What Is Big Brother Naija Girls All About

Jackie B

Jackie B of Big Brother Naija

Jackie, a 29 years old wedding planner says, “I do not trust anybody, I`m a lone wolf In this unique world, but If I need to be in a clique to survive, I`ll be there when necessary”


Nini BBnaija

Nini, a 27 years old economist says, “I`m dogmatic and I want my point of views to be heard than others point of view.”



She is a lover of books and take pride in reading a lot.

“I know how to bring good energy and vibes to cool every moment.” she said.


Angel of bb nigeria

One of the youngest contestant in the house. The 21 years old writer and poet: ” It depends on the energy given to me. So, I can be the preacher of love or I am with the drama.”


Tega big bro nija

Business owner and just 29 years old was quick to let other girls know. “I will never fight about boys in the house.”


A fashion designer and 29 years old: “I get to be unguarded and get others to be vulnerable too. I wonder why people trust me sometimes.”


BB Nijaa Maria New Season

“I am a very friendly, bubbly, fun, and loving person.” said the 29 years old realtor.


liquor rose nija

The 28 years old model said,”I like to love and I love to be loved. I will not and I can not fight for a man.”


Baby of the house princess bb niaja

She is the oldest girl housemate and work as a e-hailing service driver.

“I can be crazy at times, but I am the definition of fun to be with.”