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Melamine Pet Food Recall: What the FDA is doing to Help Us All

Melamine Pet Food

Melamine Pet Food Recall – In 2008, a pet food company in China produced a product called “Melamine Pet Food” and contaminated it with melamine to make it appear that it had a higher protein content than it actually did.

Melamine is a chemical that can cause kidney failure, and the contamination killed many pets across the world. In 2009, the company was forced to recall all of its products and pay fines that totaled over $2 million. The following blog post discusses the “Melamine Pet Food Recall” that the FDA found out it was sickening and killing pets especially Cats and Dogs.

Melamine Taint food is said to contain contaminated vegetable ingredients that hurts the pets in the United States of America. A portion of the taint food is used to produce contaminated food for farm animals and snacks for fishes.

The United States of America Food and Drugs Administration discovered some animals that ate the melamine food has been processed for human consumption. This is the largest recall of any products distributed In the market already.

What the FDA is doing?

Melamine Pet Food Recall

USFDA scientist and the department of agriculture released a statement to back up the claim the contaminated melamine food is a low risk to human health if consumed.

” The human health is important and we take every preventive measures to help keep us safe. We would like to assure our communities that their safety in health and wealth is our priority.”

As of result of animals and human health affected due to the negligence and greed of a few, on February 2008, The United States of America Food and Drugs Administration arrested two Chinese businessmen and the company they operate with In the United States of America.

The Individuals and company have been inducted for importing harmful, contaminated melamine food that has affected the health of both citizens of the United States and their lovely pets.