The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development posted:
“Returning to Mt. Sinai” — A Prophetic Call for Climate Justice and Ceremony of Repentance
Sunday, November 13th, 2022, Mount Sinai In parallel with the COP 27 UN Climate Conference. The planned UN climate conference COP 27, has been scheduled to hold between November 6th and November 18th, 2022, on the Sinai Peninsula, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. The aim of this conference is to involve religious communities through their leaders, to.address climate change and climate justice.
To further propagate the 2023 agenda, there is no telling the limit UN authorities are willing to go beyond. This is alarming and religious organisations are the target, but how many people realise this by now? Everyone does not have to follow what is said without asking questions at least. What is the agenda about and what do they seek to achieve? Why are they putting so much energy and resources into this? Will it really matter if this agenda is left? Why does it have to be obliged without a transparent explanation? What do they seek to achieve this time, by holding a conference in ‘Mount Sinai’?
It is no news that religious groups have a unified mind and way of thinking. The UN seek to exploit this by involving the leaders of major religious groups so that their followers can buy the change they seek to explore. Religion is a key player in every society and this new strategy is to bring about a change of heart. This is the first time in history such event will happen and they seek to have a weekend event to support, challenge, and inspire discussions for the agenda.
MOUNT SINAI is remarkably, a very sacred mountain. It was chosen to bring a certain consciousness to Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and all religion. This new vision certainly has a lot attached to it; and while they are yet to unfold, it should not be disregarded or seen as light.

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