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Nevada election 2020 worker asserts voting Indiscretion, Trump campaign submits an affidavit to DOJ

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Nevada election 2020 worker, whose name was redacted, said they ‘had worries over election polling centre and voter fraud’

The Trump campaign has acquired a sworn statement from an election worker in Clark County, Nevada., who claims to have seen irregularities at a polling center in the key battleground state.

The election 2020 worker, whose name was redacted over fears of punishment, said they “had concerns over election polling place, intimidation and voter fraud,” according to a sworn affidavit obtained. The alleged incidents occurred while the worker served at a Clark County elections centre during early voting from October 17 to October 30.

In the sworn statement, the worker claims voters were permitted to vote via provisional ballots without a valid Nevada ID or driver’s license as long as they could give evidence of an impending appointment at the DMV.

State authorities in Nevada have presented evidence of voter fraud, with Nevada’s Democratic Attorney General Aaron Ford dismissing the Trump campaign’s legal efforts a week ago to bring up  questions about the vote as “trash.”

In the testimony acquired by Fox News, the 2020 Nevada election worker said they “actually saw two individuals giving different unopened mail-in voting form envelopes to two others who at that point opened and rounded out the voting forms against the side of a Biden/Harris van.”

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 In another situation, the worker asserts that a gathering of individuals “formed a human wall” to hinder visibility as they were “marking a ballot and placing those ballots in pink and white envelopes”

The worker further alleged that they “regularly saw people walking in with multiple ballots.” The Trump campaign presented the sworn statement to the Department of Justice for review.

“A sworn declaration from an eyewitness is the literal definition of evidence,” a Trump campaign attorney said in a statement. “Those on the left and in other quarters that have been screaming that there’s no evidence will need new talkers and most importantly, will have to now focus on the legitimate issues that have been raised. ”

Because of the case, Ford’s office said it presently can’t seem to get a formal case, however, but would research the issue in the event that one was filed.

“Neither the Trump Campaign, the Nevada Republican Party, nor this individual have filed a complaint online or in-person with this alleged evidence to the Attorney General’s Office,” Ford’s office said in a statement. “Our Office takes allegations of voter fraud extremely serious and we work with our law enforcement partners in Nevada and in other states to investigate and prosecute voter fraud when warranted by the evidence. Should anyone file this complaint with our Office, we will conduct a thorough investigation.”

Democratic candidate, Joe Biden became president-elect on Saturday following projections by most media houses in America. The former vice president exceeded the 270-electoral-vote edge with extended victories in Pennsylvania and Nevada. Note, however, that no state has confirmed the results of the Presidential election and with the slew of court cases filed in different battleground states by the Trump legal team, it may have been very premature for Joe Biden to accept the president-elect toga. A manual recount of every vote has been ordered in Georgia already. Many of the swing states might end up become a total toss-up. President Trump seems supremely confident that his team has enough evidence of voter fraud and irregularities to overturn the results announced.

The Trump campaign has asserted voting irregularities and fraud in various states.

At a press conference in Las Vegas earlier Sunday, American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp claimed the Trump campaign had acquired “thousands of examples of voter irregularity.”

“Dead people voted in Clark County,” Schlapp said.