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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Warns Nigeria Music Gospel Singers

Pastor Chris Warns Nigeria Gospel Singers

Gospel artist and singers in Nigeria and other part of the world have been warned to use the gift God gave them for the edification of the Church and not to secure personal gains at the expense of the Church.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, President of Loveworld Incorporated, aka Christ Embassy, gave this charge recently during the August edition of the Church’s monthly Global Service. He admonished Nigeria music gospel singers not to merchandize their talent in the House of God. According to the president of COFI, “if you want to use the abilities that God gave you to make money, don’t do it with the Church, don’t do it with the people of God, do not do it with the ones that works in his house”.

Pastor Chris noted that in many Churches today, the place of worship is gone; “Worship right now is mostly a demonstration of certain individuals who seize the Church service just so they can show off their talents.” He said what the Lord wants is for His children to offer spiritual sacrifices in the Church and not for some individuals to demonstrate their personal agenda. He decried the system where gospel singers sell gospel music to the Church for the benefit of their pockets.

Speaking on what the church is all about, the televangelist said the Church is a place where spiritual sacrifices should be offered to honor Jesus, for the glory of His name. This act of service should be led by the Church Choir and not just left to individual singers or gospel artist. He emphasized the place of the Church Choir in worship in the House of God, pointing out that there was nowhere in the Bible in which such services were left to individuals; but the Choir.

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Pastor Chris said: “to use the gospel for your personal agenda is a sin; you cannot use the gospel to make a career. If you are a true gospel singer In Nigeria, and you are not using it for the Church, you are doing it for yourself. And that means what you are doing is selling the gospel; it’s a sin.

“They have used the House of God to carry out their personal agenda for so long; every gift God gave us is to be used in the House of God. Serve God correctly; don’t copy the world and just put the name of Jesus on it”

He told Pastors to encourage those who want to serve God with the abilities that God gave them, reiterating that as long as they are doing it in the House of God, they should be encouraged. But if it is for their personal agenda, then the Churches of Christ would have nothing to do with it.

His final note of warning was: “Everyone with a Music Ministry must be disciplined in the House of God: stop jumping from church to church; get involved in your Church activities, attend your Church services, be under your Pastor, stop floating around and misleading God’s people to float around. What I’m saying is for your life; so take it. It’s a spiritual warning”