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Police Speaks on Identifying Vulnerable Points ahead of Edo State Governor Election

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Edo State Governor Election – The Nigeria Police Force has said that it carried out various threat analysis ahead of the governorship election in Edo state on Saturday.

The Deputy Inspector-General of Police, Mr Adeleye Oyegbade, said all the hot spots, escape route for criminals, and vulnerable points in Edo state have been mapped out for special coverage.

Mr Adeleye praised the seriousness of the Nigeria Police force in terms of security ahead of the election. He shed more light on how the Police force has deployed plain-clothed policemen, special forces and conventional policemen to beef up the state security.

“We have carried out security threat analysis hence, all identified vulnerable points, entry and exit points have been mapped out for security coverage, while the minitary is expected to perform the required complementary rold of outer cordoning.”

“Adequate police officers comprising conventional, plain-clothed policement and special forces have been deployed to provide robust security, during and after the election.”

“For effective manning of polling booths, no fewer than three police officers and personnel of other security agencies will be deployed in each of the 2,627 polling booths.”

Mohammed Adamu, The Nigeria Police Force Inspector-General ordered the restriction of vehicle movement ahead of the edo state 2020 governor election.

Adamu noted that his decision is to restrict the flow of hard drugs, illicity arms and political thurgs ahead of the governorship election.

Adamu asked the people of Edo state to be calm about the restriction and see it as a security measure to curb violence ahead of the election.