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Sheikh Kamal Khatib accused of incitement to be released

Sheik Khatib

The deputy leads of the Northern branch of the Islamic movement, Sheikh Kamal Khatib has been ordered to be released by the court after his arrest last month.

Sheik Kamal release was met with a number of clauses including a ban on conducting sermon, speeches, interviews, prohibition into Kafr Kanna for 45 days, no internet access and should never participate in events with more than 15 people sitting.

In May, the Jihadist preacher was arrested and charge for inciting violence against humanity. Sheik Kamal was seen inciting violence, encouraging terrorism and heap praise on terrorist organizations who are committing crime against the people of Israel and other Arab nations.

Shin Bet, who head the Israel Security Agency said after the arrest that Sheik Khatib, was using his status as a public figure to stir up violence. His words have been a source of encouragement to violence rioters who are destroying lives and properties around the country.

Sheik Khatib is no stranger to incite violence against Israel. Khatib was deputy for Raed, who was jail for inciting violence against Israel and its allies.

The rhetoric of violence against the people of Israel by the Sheik prompt the government to ban him from entering the capital Jerusalem or the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In July 2017, he claimed that Israeli authorities “persecute the activists by arresting dozens of them, preventing their entry to Jerusalem and Al Aqsa, and forbidding them to travel abroad.”