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The Covid-19 Flu Vaccine Side Effects: The Truth They Failed To Tell You

AstraZeneca and Pfizer Covid-19 flu side effect in the bodye flu

The COVID-19 flu vaccine side effects is becoming rampant amongst citizen all over the world. Regardless of the vaccine, there have been numerous reports on how citizens from different race and background are dying or complaining about complications of the COVID-19 flu side effect.

Lisa Shaw, a BBC presenter was the latest in the media to die of the vaccine complication. She got vaccinated in New Castle and died of blood clot complications.

The COVID-19 Announcement of the Vaccine

When the announcements were first made that vaccines for Covid-19 were available, very little was known about the vaccine: what it is made of and what it is capable of. Hence the manufacturing companies like Pfizer failed to tell people the truth about the efficacy, the dangers/side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine both long term and short term, as well as any other information required to prepare the heart of the global community for the vaccines.

In the last few months however, a lot of medical experts, scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, and all those who have lots of experience in creation and production of vaccines have made frantic calls to stop the vaccination at once and for good reasons.

Pfizer is leading the band wagon for vaccine manufacturing companies by strong-arming governments to force vaccination on her citizens. An article from Wion news detailed how Pfizer tried to bully Argentina and Brazilian government into forced vaccination.

Truth About the Effects of the Vaccines on Children and Women

Former Pfizer vice president Dr. Michael Yeadon has cautioned against taking the vaccine, stating that children are 50 times more likely to die from the vaccine than the virus itself.

The former chief scientist for allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer also warned women of child bearing age not to take the jab; pointing out that the vaccines are concentrated in the ovaries which can lead to sterilization. Recent studies have also shown that women of child bearing age that took the vaccine experience a vaccine induced autoimmune attack on the placenta making it difficult to conceive and that`s not accepted medically even, making the case for the COVID-19 flu side effects should be investigated properly.

Truth About the Testing of the COVID-19 Flu Vaccine Side Effect

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA technology, is another person that has warned against taking this so called vaccine. He claimed that the vaccine has not been tested and there are many known side effects of vaccination; one of them is Anti-body dependence enhancement – a phenomenon whereby the vaccination makes it easier for the virus to attach itself to the cells of the body, replicate and become even more dangerous resulting in reinfection.

covid-19 vaccine side effect truth by Dr. Robert Malone

Prof. Luc Montagnier, who is a renowned virologist and a noble prize winner, called the vaccine an unacceptable mistake in science. He confirmed that the vaccines are responsible for the creation of the variants. There are numerous reports of breakthrough vaccinations – people that have either been partly or fully vaccinated that are infected again and some of the infections lead to fatalities. This might explain the birth of new variants as confirmed by Montagnier and the increase in infection of those that already got vaccinated.

Professor Luc

Government’s Decision Regarding the Vaccine

Sadly, instead of putting a stop to the vaccinations and carrying out proper investigations, the media, public officials, and politicians with questionable motives are insisting that everyone got vaccinated without considering the side effect of the COVID-19 flu reaction after vaccination.

The Truth to be Told About COVID-19 Side Effect

The mRNA vaccine is a gene therapy, with the ability to permanently alter the DNA sequence hence the recipient is no longer 100% human. Such people cannot breastfeed, donate blood, blood plasma, organs or bone marrow. Should they be the people present when any of the aforementioned donation is required for any patient, then the individual is automatically counted as dead. This ultimately results in the population reduction agenda of a few.

A commonly reported case of adverse effect of the vaccine is blood clot; it is still unclear why this is happening, but it is, and in such an alarming rate and has got Israel, one of the tech nations to tout a 4th shot of the vaccine. Even though many pro-vaccine big pharma, media houses and those that have invested so much in this particular venture are doing their best to suppress such evidences from going public, the reports keep pouring in.

It is important to note that this virus has still not been isolated and so far there have been numerous fatalities recorded with several others being hospitalized after taking the vaccine.

Those pushing for everyone to take the vaccine are obviously greedy and power hungry; they definitely do not care about the COVID-19 flu vaccine side effects in the body and enormous cost both to human lives and the economies of the nations that have to pay so much to get the vaccines. This ludicrousness must be brought to an end.