Practising the admonition he gave to the congregation watching him from around the world during the second session of the 7 days Global Prayer and Fasting, Pastor Chris, after leading the whole world in a one hour long prayer, wrapped up the session with the following prayer and enjoined everyone watching to keep proclaiming the prayer in each and every nation.

Ireport247 decided to make this prayer available for easy reference for all nations. The Pastor, with tears flowing freely and a heart full of love and compassion,  prayed thus: “Lord, You are great; are the world is yours. Lord, You are great; the heavens belong to You. Lord You’re great; all things were made by You. Lord You’re great; Holy and righteous. Just, full of mercy, loving kindness. Lord, You’re great; You said in the last days ‘I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh.’ And Lord, Your Spirit’s been poured out since that blessed day of Pentecost on all the world; and now any one can recieve salvation. You said ‘with the heart man believes on to righteousness; with the mouthy confession is made unto salvation.’

“Thank you that the Spirit’s been poured out; to all the world, that men might be saved. Thank you for this blessed Spirit of truth. Thank You. Yes! God. Yes! That the nations will hear Your voice, and know of a truth, that You are good and kind; and that the evils in the world were never caused by You. They were never orchestrated by You. The Bible says that You are good; Your mercy endures forever. Full of tender mercies; full of compassion.

“God we pray for the nations of the world today; let them not fall prey to the spirit of deception; oh! that the Spirit that’s been poured out, this Spirit of truth! For this is the hour, where the Spirit of truth, ministers to all the world; that men may hear.

Pastor Chris praying
Pastor Chris Praying for the nations

“Oh! Lord, let truth come to their hearts; cause them to believe, cause their hearts to be open to truth. All over the world, let the lies be rejected. Let the deception be rejected. Let the truth Prevail! In every nation, the truth, Your truth Lord, the truth of Your goodness; of Your salvation, the truth of the redemption; let Your truth, the truth of the gospel prevail to the ends of the earth. Let Your truth prevail!

“As Your children are guided to all truth, let the world hear, and know the truth. That they may be saved. For that hour of deception is not yet permitted, that hour is not yet come. Therefore, let the nations know the truth. I pray, aand we all pray around the world today; as Your kingdom of priests, we pray for the nations, let Your truth prevail. Spirit of truth prevail in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God! Let Your truth prevail.

“Let the Gospel have free course and be glorified. Let the Gospel prevail. You told us in Your Word; that because we are of God, We have overcome the wicked one. We have overcome the Devil and his deception. We have overcome the world. And Your light shines brightly through us… shines brightly. And this light that shines cannot be overcome. The darkness comprehends it not. And we prevail in the Name of the Lord Jesus! In every nation, in every city, by the power of the Holy Ghost.

“Grant Your saints that they become bold with the spirit, all over the world, bold with the Gospel. You have put Your  in Word their months; now cause them to speak forth. Every where, for they are Your witnesses. Lord Jesus You declared, You said to us: ‘cheer up! I have overcome the world.’ You overcame the world for us. Lord, thank Yous we have conquered the world.

“We triumph over the darkness. We triumph over fear. We triumph over deception. We triumph over wickedness. By the power of the Holy Ghost. We keep them subdued. In every nation; the plans of deception are frustrated. They are paralysed throughout the world; they are paralysed. For this is not their hour. The power of the Holy Ghost. The gathering of deception is destroyed in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“Satan, this is not your hour; we paralyse your works of deception. Throughout the world, we paralyse your works of deception. Your empires of deception are crumbled in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! They are broken down. They are destroyed. Your messages of deception are destroyed. They are worthless; they are powerless. They are fruitless. For the truth prevails in this hour. This is the hour of truth, the truth of the Gospel prevails in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Everywhere, in every nation, everywhere.

“It’s the hour of faith; it’s the day of faith. Faith is released; faith in the Gospel throughout the world. For this is the day and hour of harvest. Harvest into the kingdom of God. And the light of the glorious Gospel shines, throughout the earth. Power of the Holy Ghost.

“The demons are defeated. The demons are shattered. We destroy the works of the prince of Assyria; we paralyse his works throughout the earth in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Throughout the earth, every nation throughout the earth, the Name of the Lord Jesus shall be magnified. For of the increase of His government and peace, there shall be no end. He must increase and all others must decrease.

“Strongholds of darkness are broken down. The deception through the media destroyed! Paralysed! Throughout the world. Thank You Lord. The hosts of the Lord gone out. None can fight against the hard. None. Noone can stand Him; for His Angels are mighty. Glorious in strength, invincible in war. Yes! Thank You Lord.”

The third session continues tonight on all Loveworld Networks, Celflix, Alpha TV, and all social media platforms.

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