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Thousands Healed At Christ Embassy Healing Streams With Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilomeh Healing School

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Healing School 2021 – Several thousands of people were healed at Christ Embassy’s Programme tagged Healing Streams Live Healing Service with Pastor Chris which held Friday July 9, 2021 over Sunday July 11, 2021.

The 3-day programme recorded an attendance of over 5.5billion across the globe apart from the live audience. The founder, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, among other things, prayed for the sick that were present onsite as well as online and they all got healed. Numerous life threatening conditions were healed: kidney failures, bone fractures, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, fibroids, etc.

Publicity for the programme started weeks before as the members took to different media houses and social media platforms to invite people for the programme; jingles, fliers, avatars, etc were sent out. WhatsApp broadcast messages, Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram posts, etc were not left out; every platform was laced with the awareness for the service. Banners were posted at strategic places inviting those within the areas to come and participate onsite at said places. These healing centres were not just onsite; the virtual versions were created too.

Hundreds of thousands of Healing Centres were hosted across the globe: homes, streets, the church’s branches in different cities, hospitals, to mention a few; and healings were recorded in several of them. As Pastor Chris prayed for everyone watching, many of the sick in these healing centres became healed.

Victoria, a member of the Ikeja branch of the Ministry had her healing centre at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) Ikeja. She told that no less than ten people were healed in the hospital: a woman with diabetes and other life threatening condition was healed, another patient in the surgical emergency ward of the hospital which has been unconscious for a while opened her eyes for the first time and started responding to treatment. According to her, many more were reportedly healed, that did not gain access into the section of the hospital where the programme was streamed, but chose to peep through the window.

The doctors on duty on the said night gave her the information when the session was over.

Another viewer in Port Harcourt, Nigeria sent in a short video of her father who was in a ghastly auto accident on his way to her school for graduation. The man had sustained multiple fracture, his leg and hand were put in cast, and he’s been bedridden since the accident. On the second day of the programme, he started walking without any form of support. Testimonies also came in from different countries: from China, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Tajikistan among others.

It is notable that this is the second edition of Pastor Chris Healing School Online Streaming programme. The first Healing Streams held in March 2021 with over 4.1billion people connected and several thousands of miracles recorded. The testimonies that came from that maiden edition, according to our source, birthed a programme tagged Healing Streams Testimonies: the programme is aired weekly on and other loveworld satellite stations.