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Top 5 Best Dogs For Your Families With Small Children

Best Dogs for Families with Small Children pug

Best Dogs for Families with Small Children

* What to watch out for when choosing the best family dogs with your children

  • Setting up the meeting between the kids and the best family dogs they want

* The top 5 questions to ask when choosing a family-friendly dog for small children

  • The top 5 list of family dogs you will enjoy having around with your kids.

What are the best dogs for kids to have in the family? That depends on the kind of activity you have in your household, the level of family energy and the space you share with your children.

Dogs can teach qualities to kids, such as compassion, cooperation, and even responsibility. Moreover, they can be the best playmates one can ask for in your family. Before adopting any pup, the best thing you can do is decide which breed would fit seamlessly with your lifestyle and bond well with your children. While some dogs are better as playmates for older kids, some are gentle and patient and more suited for little ones. 

How to Choose a Good Family Dog For Your Children

Choosing the dog that fit your children, there are three factors you need to consider to help you choose the family dog your kids will love.

1. Size – Size is a factor when considering getting a dog, but does not determine whether the good will be good with your children or not. There are big dogs who are docile, while some smaller breeds are full of energy.

 Experts consider size to be a factor due to the size of kids. A good example is a family with a large dog will inevitably have the dog knock the children down someday due to its size.

2. Temperament – An important personality all dog possesses. To get a dog for your kids, consider getting a calmer dog for them because they tend to form stronger bonds with children.

3. Energy Level – Be realistic when choosing a dog with a high energy level.

   It is important to get a dog your family can meet its need for excitement and exercise to have a happy pet in your family.

  A Basset Hound is a great option if you want a low energy dog.

Setting up the meet and Greet to Determine The Best Dogs for Small Children and Families

All dogs deserve a happy home and all children deserve a great dog to be included in their lives and be able to welcome him/her as a family member.

To get an idea of which pet best fits your family, it is important to consider the pet`s energy level and its temperament.

A meet and greet with the pet will help both parties understand if this is a good fit or not.

Dr Putnam, a former board member for the Association of Shelter Veterinarians, said When a family is considering adopting a dog, It`s important to observe how they react to all family members present in the meet and greet.

The Vet points out what the family considering this adoption need to watch out for before giving the dog home.

The first thing to watch out for is how the dog approaches the family members. Is the dog wagging tail? Is the dog cowering? 

Dr Putnam also made mention checking the dog`s possessiveness before adoption.

Top 5 Questions to Ask When Adopting a Family Dog

  • Is the energy level of the dog high or low?
  • What are the ongoing care and previous medical records of the dog?
  • Is the dog safe for all members of the family?
  • Age of the dog
  • Will do dog get along with other dogs

Top 5 Best Dogs for Families with Small Children


Mutt Dog

Don’t count out mixed breeds while considering adding a dog companion to your family! Mixed breeds often have the best traits of two or more great breeds in one dog. They are as loving and intelligent as purebreds. However, they also have the additional benefit of teaching compassion to children at a tender age and its quite growing in India as well.

  • Personality- Plays well with others and very outgoing dog
  • Energy Level- A medium energy level and that makes it perfect for children In the family and other dogs too
  • Good with Children- Loves children
  • Good with Other Dogs- Very friendly with other dogs
  • Shedding- They have a low shedding coat
  • Grooming- Easy to groom
  • Trainability- One of the easiest dogs to train as they are eager to please the owners
  • Height of the dog- 28 inches (male), 28 inches (female)
  • Weight of the dog- 150 pounds (male), 100 – 120 pounds (female)
  • Life Expectancy of Dog- 8-15 years
  • Barking – Low barking level

Mutts are one of the best dogs to consider adopting for your children if you are looking to grow your family with one.

Golden Retriever


Golden Retriever Best Dogs for Families with Small Children

The Golden Retriever is a smart, confident, kind, and loyal dog. They are neither aggressive nor timid and also extremely patient. These attributes make them a perfect match for kids and a great addition to welcome into the family. Although this breed demands a lot of exercise, they love playing retrieving games and going on long walks. If your kids love playing with Frisbees, then they will love having Golden Retrievers as a companion while growing up. As they are obedient and affectionate, your children will surely fall in love with Golden Retrievers.  

  • Personality-  They are very friendly, intelligent, and devoted to the family.
  • Energy Level- Golden Retrievers, regularly need a lot of exercise due to their high energy level.
  • Good with Children- Very good with children
  • Good with Other Dogs- They are wonderful around and with other dogs
  • Shedding- Only seasonal shedding
  • Grooming- Owners only have to groom the dog occasionally.
  • Trainability- They are eager to please their owners
  • Height of the dog- 23-24 inches (Male) and 21-22.5 inches (Female)
  • Weight of the dog- 65-75P (Male), 55-65 pounds (Female)
  • Life Expectancy of Dog- They live between 10-12 years
  • Barking – High barking level

Labrador retriever 

Labrador retriever Best Family Dogs for kids

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds for all the right reasons. They are reliable, protective, loving, patient, and playful. Labs are highly intelligent and easy to train. They also require a lot of exercise. If your kids are adventurous and love challenges, then you can consider getting a lab as a pet. Make sure that there is plenty of space in your home to run around and play.  

Regardless of whether you are going for a yellow lab, chocolate lab, or black lab, you need to remember that they all share the same sense of strength, obedience, and stamina. This is the reason why this breed has become immensely popular. These affable dogs get along well with other animals. Moreover, their short coats will require combining once a week to keep them healthy and clean. However, be prepared for cleaning up their hair regularly as labs do shed. 

  • Personality-  They are very friendly and play well with others.
  • Energy Level- Very active
  • Good with Children- Excellent with children
  • Good with Other Dogs- They should be supervised when around other dogs
  • Shedding- Need regularly
  • Grooming- A weekly routine
  • Trainability- They are eager to please both children and adults
  • Height of the dog- 22.5-24.5 inches (Male) and 21.5-23.5 inches (Female)
  • Weight of the dog- 65-80 pounds (Male), 55-70 pounds (Female)
  • Life Expectancy of Dog- They live between 10-12 years
  • Barking – Medium level



Just like humans, pugs love sleeping and eating. If you are looking for a couch companion your kids can snuggle or watch movies with, then look no further. However, you need to watch their activity levels and diets to make sure that they stay healthy. With pugs weighing around 15 pounds on average, these dogs do not demand a huge backyard. 


  • Personality-  Loving, but very mischievous dog and tempered too
  • Energy Level- They are not naturally athletics, but they need their exercise
  • Good with Children- It is important to supervise them with children around
  • Good with Other Dogs- They should be supervised with other dogs
  • Shedding- Regularly
  • Grooming- A weekly brushing will ease the dog
  • Trainability- The dog Will agree with you most times
  • Height of the dog- 10-13 inches for male and female
  • Weight of the dog- 14-18 for male and female
  • Life Expectancy of Dog- 13-15 years
  • Barking – Only when necessary



Though there is not much info available about the actual origin of beagles, they have managed to become much-loved members in several households and are one of the Best Dogs for Families with Small Children. Their compact size, easy-to-care-for-coat, and intelligence make them excellent family dogs. 

  • Personality-  Exciting, very curious and a friendly dog
  • Energy Level- Plenty of energy and are very active
  • Good with Children- Wonderful with children
  • Good with Other Dogs- Great with dogs
  • Shedding- Only seasonal
  • Grooming- Once a week
  • Trainability- One of the best dogs you can train
  • Height of the dog- 13 inches for male or less than that and 13- 15 for female
  • Weight of the dog- Under 20 pounds for male and 20-30 pounds female
  • Life Expectancy of Dog- 10-15 years
  • Barking – Very vocal