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Twitter to Release New Features In Second Quatre of The Year

twitter latest features

Tech giant, Twitter has been seen investing in multiple features and making a lot of changes to their. The CEO, Jack, promised more features is coming up on twitter that will keep its competition at bay.

A few of the changes the silicon valley company is working on is a new edge-to-edge layout for viewing videos and photos on the timeline like other competitive social network platform app like Instagram does. Also, twitter is asking its users on the option of “edit tweet” and what they think about it.

Jane Manchun Wong , a researcher who is known to show the latest features on Twitter and other competitive apps revealed the latest layout online. On Wong`s timeline, the new layout has similarities with Instagram. The pictures and Videos on the new layout feature fill the entire horizontal area of the screen.

Earlier In January, Twitter released one of the best features of allowing their users to upload very high quality media up to 4k resolution. The feature is accompanied by other quality features added such as images and videos appearing on timeline full size.

The tech giant, twitter, says it will continue to enhance its features to give users the best experience in terms of quality images and videos that appears on the app timeline.

jack dorsey tweet on twitter new features by jason wong

Wong`s tweet got the attention of twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, who responded to Wong tweet by saying the new features of edge-to-edge photos are “much better.” We are yet to confirm when this new layout features will be available to users, but looks like the next big thing on twitter.

Another new feature that might be coming to Twitter is the ability to edit tweets. This is a long-awaited feature by users, but Twitter has never had any interest in implementing it — at least until now. Twitter product leader Kayvon Beykpour shared today a poll on his personal profile asking how users feel about having the option to edit already published tweets.

Another great feature options leaked by Wong is the ability for users to be able to edit tweets. This has been a long awaited feature every twitter user craves.

According to Wong`s report, twitter has never considered adding this feature to their platform, but, the increase in number of competitive apps such as Parler, Gettr and Koo, the tech giant finally starts taking the “edit tweet” option serious.

Twitter product leader, Kayvon Beykpour polled users regarding the option of being able to edit your tweets. The option of editing tweet is welcome by users, but the tech giant is adamant of restricting this feature only to verified users.

The tech giant also confirm the Fleet features on twitter will be discontinued. This feature is not popular amongst twitter users like it was on Instagram or snap chat.