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Weaponizing Vaccines: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Love World

Pastor Chris Vaccines

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is sounding the alarm Against the use of the COVID 19 vaccines. He said the vaccines will be weaponized just like those that destroyed the twin towers at the World Trade Center weaponized the airplane which was obviously meant for good.

Speaking at his now popular and globally aired program titled YOUR LOVEWORLD SEASON 2 PHASE 5, the fiery preacher stated that Looking at the antecedents of the big Pharmaceuticals and the individuals pushing for the vaccines, there is a big question about their trustworthiness.

The cleric posits that these men and the organizations they represent cannot be trusted because based on their own  documents, videos and speeches which are in the public domain, they have openly advocated for the substantial depopulation of the world. One of the major vaccine proponent, the Bill Gates Foundation have been enmeshed in controversies and messy law suits in different parts of the world because of the adverse effects of the vaccines from their organization.

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PASTOR CHRIS said “They are in a hurry….they want everybody to be vaccinated in five years….what is the vaccination for? That vaccination has nothing to do with the COVID 19 virus”

Government of different nations are indeed working with these organization to forcefully vaccinate their citizens. The government of the United Kingdom are proposing some far-reaching changes in their HUMAN MEDICINE REGULATIONS of 2012. Some of the changes they are proposing cover areas like; authorizing temporary supply of unlicensed products (Vaccines specifically), Absolving the big pharmaceuticals and doctors from civil liability and giving them immunity from prosecution resulting from adverse effect of the vaccines on people, expanding the workforce eligible to administer vaccines(this simple means allowing people who may not even be in the field of medicine to administer vaccines. They are really in a hurry), promoting vaccines and it’s use and making provisions for wholesale dealing of vaccines.

Pastor Chris had stated that the reason for the Corona virus is to create fear around the world of the virus and then bring false hope that the vaccine is good and what everybody requires. Out of fear and the desire to live, people of the world will embrace the vaccine which in actual sense is a death trap.