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What is In the Vaccine Indemnification Agreement Signed Secretly

What Is an Indemnification

When you are in business with other people like our government should be, sometimes you will need to indemnify the people you are working with. This is when you take responsibility for anything that happens to the other person in the work environment, as long as they are not at fault. If you are a government official that is responsible for building a house, for example, the materials and the tools are going to belong to the homeowner as their business. You would need to be indemnified against any damage to the house, materials and other valuable.

The issue of indemnification has been a major concern for citizens of nations regarding the COVID-19 vaccines. It is one that calls for attention as this will be the first time in the history of products and services that an organization will require indemnity for its own creation. What is more shocking is the fact that in spite of this, governments of nations did not only sign, but they are persuading their citizens to take the vaccines! Some governments went as far as adding incentives to it – another first of its kind move in the history of mankind. Then on top of it, this is the first time a vaccine is produced that does not guarantee the recipient a total protection from the disease! That raises the question: why did the nations subscribe to this vaccines, why are they so keen about everyone collecting it in spite of the indemnification, what exactly is the content of the agreement, that they are willing to sign, etc?

The International bill of rights grants that everyone has the right to information; having a knowledge of the content of this document is something every citizen deserves to enhance the decision making process regarding getting vaccinated or not. Ireport247 got access to one of these indemnification agreement, specifically, the one by Pfizer and have decided to not only share the content with you, but to break down the content so we all know what the nations signed. The fifty-two page document has twelve sections with sub-sections covering the terms of agreement on supply of product, price and payment (this is somewhat a surprise because some countries were supposedly given the vaccines for free), manufacturing standards and quality assurance, representations and warranties, term; terminations, intellectual property, indemnification, insurance and liability, confidential information, notices, and miscellaneous.

Ireport247 will pick the sections in order of importance and share the details later….